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  1. I'm a surgical RN with one years experience. I work on a trauma/ortho floor and honestly, I'm sort of bored. I love nursing but I feel that the learning curve has flattened for awhile now. I love learning and having new experiences, so I"m trying to decide where to go from here.
    I am considering traveling nursing next July as Philadelphia, isn't my favorite place in the world, but I don't feel that I want to "move" to another place and possibly be in the same (boring) situation. What's it like for a relatively social person to travel alone? I thought I might find jobs near several friends I have scattered throughout the country.

    Also, I have three main goals as a nurse:
    (1) travel nursing
    (2) ICU or ED experience (or both!)
    (3) getting my grad degree - FNP or forensics

    Should I travel before/after/in the middle of those goals?

    L in PA
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  3. by   iLovemyJackRT
    Hi, where do you work in PA ? I live about an hour outside philly and next summer I want to do travel nursing in philly...I am a very social person as well, but also have the same fears as you...i want to meet people and not spend all my time completel alone. I do value alone time very much, but I love going out and doing fun stuff as well. I currently work in the icu with 6 months experience. PM when you get a chance !

  4. by   tinyfeet28
    Hey Brooke,

    I actually work in Philly as we speak at HUP. I love it there, though med-surg is kinda boring. The hospital is just a great place to work with amazing experiences.

    I didn't know anyone in philly when I moved here so I was starting at zero and my closest family/friends live 2.5 hours away. It can be a hard place to meet people unless you luck out and have some cool people on your unit.

    I'd recommend Philly if you're interested. Def come and check it out as a traveler before committing to anything full time. It might be easier for you since you're from not too far away.