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  1. So as of June/July I will be travelling to MA. Can you all share some insight as to what type of stipend for housing I can expect if I pass on the company provided housing? Appreciate your input.
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  3. by   NedRN
    You will have to ask the agency. It can vary wildly by the location and the bill rate the agency is getting: perhaps from $1,000 to $3,000 a month. You need that number to compare it to local housing costs (try a quick peek at Craigslist), and figure out whether you should take provided housing or a housing stipend. Bizarrely, some agencies will pay more for provided housing than a stipend. It may have to do with documented expenses are easy to defend in an audit, but paying varying amounts for a stipend without an expense history in the area could be harder. It probably comes down to their tax advisor or CFO comfort range.
  4. by   dance4life
    I look on Craigslist in the Temporary/Sublet section in Apartments. I email the person who has the ad to tell them my situation, i.e. Travel Nurse and such, usually I have no problems. It is less expensive then staying in an extended stay. Sometimes you are lucky you will find a furnished place. It really depends on where you are going. Boston area will be the most expensive, followed by Worcester County, and then Berkshires in the Western are the least expensive.

    Like the post mentioned you really do have to ask who you are going to work for. They all offer different types of housing stipends and some offer free housing.
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  5. by   Rntorecruiter
    AS a travel recruiter I have had a couple nurses qork in mass. In general they all had pleasant experiences except one who was from Georgia and felt the staff were rude and cliquish. The housing is veryexpensive in Boston but gets much more affordable as u move inland. My nurses received on average 1000 weekly non taxed for stipend