Travel Nursing while pregnant/trying to get pregnant

  1. I'm wondering if anyone did this and how it worked.
    My husband and I might start trying to get pregnant around the same time I'd be applying for travel nurse jobs.
    My husband would come with me (he works from home) and for health insurance I'd use COBRA from my current job.
    The plan would be to probably come back to NY while pregnant and stay with my parents and deliver at the hospital where I currently work (I work in L&D).
    I'd like to think I can do both (travel nursing and trying to get pregnant) at the same time.
    I don't want to put off getting pregnant much longer, since I'd already be 31 and who knows how long it'd take to get pregnant.
    But I also don't want to NOT do travel nursing, just because I'm trying for a baby, since if I don't do it now I may never do it! Plus it could take several months to get pregnant and I could do 2-3 travel assignments in that time!
    Do you think it'd work if I got pregnant while on a travel assignment, saw an OB in that city for a few months and then transferred back to my doctor here?
    Does anyone have experience with this?
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  3. by   GleeGum
    I see your rationale and say go for it. Just consider the health insurance part. Travel companies are not necessarily know for excellent insurance. Maybe cobra? Also, where will you work when baby comes? Or maybe you won't work but hubby has a job? Depends on how you forsee life after baby. Remember no maternity leave in traveling. Or even sick days for that matter.
    I haven't been pregnant, so take that in to consideration while reading.

    Check the cost of COBRA before you decide to use that option. Check insurance coverage before trying to start a family, did you opt out of OB coverage several years ago when you were single and not wanting to pay the extra? If you know you are going to travel, check into getting a personal insurance policy, either for you or for your family. Then check with your employer to give you an insurance subsidy since you will no longer be using their insurance. You might find your costs are close to the same or even less. You will be then covered no matter if you change jobs or are not employed for a short time. Just keep paying the premium.

    You will have no sick time during your travel assignment. If you do not work you will not be paid. If you take too much time off you may loose your position and be subjected to paying the travel company back for expenses (especially if you use their housing). A friend I work with just had to take 3 weeks off during her first trimester due to morning (actually all day) sickness. Can you afford that?

    I have traveled since 1989 and plan to continue until I am forced to retire. My suggestion is see if your current hospital will allow you to take a leave of absence to do one assignment and then decide if you can risk becoming pregnant while on an assignment. Or as another friend did many years ago. She began traveling with her son soon after he was born. Traveled until time for him to start school and then returned home. Got 4 years of travel in that she will always remember. Good luck in what ever you decide.

  5. by   bagladyrn
    Remember to factor in that if you are working as a traveler you will have neither sick leave nor vacation time when you need to take off from work and will not be eligible for FMLA. If you can budget for that no reason it couldn't be done.
  6. by   pedsrnjh
    I am curious to know what you decided? I have been traveling for almost 4 years and have been trying to decide on this very thing myself. My main concern is the insurance. The only private insurance that has maternity has a grace period of 18 months, and my insurance with my travel company is only active while I am working an assignment. So what happens when you have the baby and are on maternity? Cobra? If you have any insight now from the information you've received, or what you have experienced, I would love to hear it. Thanks!
  7. by   adpiRN
    Well, slight change of plans - I got pregnant last March. So no travel nursing for me for now!
    I'm still at my full-time staff nurse job.
    But I think I'd decided if I was going to do it, to COBRA my current insurance which is GREAT (100% hospital coverage).
    The travel nurse companies insurance didn't seem as good.
    But I guess if that's your only option, COBRA it!
    Does your husband have health insurance?