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  1. i am interested in travel nursing after i get out of school. how much experience would anyone recommend i get before traveling? would it be a bad idea to start traveling right out of school? and do you have to go to alot of trouble to transfer your license to other states as you go? my heart is set on travel nursing and i want to get started as soon as possible!
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  3. by   IdahoNurse
    You need atleast one year's of experience for lower acuity floors like med/surg, but for ICU, ER, and OB, I would suggest atleast 2 years of experience. Remember that you will have to be able to jump in with both feet AND take off running.

    Unfortunately, since Oklahoma is not a compact state, for every state that you go to you will need another license. If you were to have a primary residence in any of the neigboring states of Texas, New Mexico, or Arkansas, which are part of the nursing compact, THEN you can cruise around in about 25 other states, call the Nursing License Compact, without having to get a license.
  4. by   ertravelrn
    I am in Oklahoma, and traveled from here to CO. had no problem getting my lic. there........not sure about other places.
    I agree with the two years of experience. As a traveler, I get one shift of orientation.......just to show you the paperwork and policies, and where supplies are expected to be able to do the nursing care.
  5. by   AMANSVIEW
    I don't believe any agency would take you until you have at the very least 1 year. I would strongly suggest 1 year med/surg to get your feet wet, and then another year in your specialty area. The hospital is expecting you to jump right in with only one day orientation on the floor. Hold tight to your dreams, but take it one step at a time, graduate first. :spin:
  6. by   elmay
    i started traveling after 1 year of experience (MS). I had 2 days hospital orientation and 3 days of orientation on the floor, but during the middle of my first shift on the floor, I asked to have my own assignment...nursing is nursing where ever you basically i just had to learn their floor policies and procedures, computer system, and where the supplies were located. It's been a great experience for me so far....I love it!

    good luck to you
  7. by   kalbo3
    You will need at LEAST 1 YEAR experience working in the same specialty in an acute care setting. Some travel companies even require that you have 2 years experience working in your desired specialty. Get a good feel for what it's like to work in an acute care setting before taking on travel. When you start to work travel assignments you should really be able to adapt to many environments with little to no problem. In regards to you getting licenses in other states the agency that you choose to go with will usually give you alot of help obtaining one for the area that you end up going. If they do not I would strongly suggest shopping around other companies to find one that matches your needs. Good advice, BE VERY PICKY and MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU. Trust me, they need you more than you need them. They just won't admit that to you. Good luck with your studies.
  8. by   Critterpuss
    Most of the staff at hospitals that you go to are going to be highly critical of your level of expertise. The more experience that you have prior to traveling the better. The staff can make your assignment a living torture assignment if you are dependent on them for guidance.