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  1. I am a British nurse living in San Antonio Texas, and I am interested in coming back to the UK to do a 13wk contract in England or Scotland. I was wondering if any one else has done this or ever worked for an agency called continental nurses.
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  3. by   lauritasol
    Have you heard of anything yet? I am a US RN and am currently in Germany. I cannot find a job here and am desparately searching! I'm looking to either go back to the states off and on for travel positions OR somewhere here in the EU. However, I cannot work here in Germany or in NL b/c I do not speak the languages. Do you know if England will take US nurses?
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    They do hire US nurses in the UK, but it is a long process. Go to the UK forum and see how difficult it is to get registered in the UK and then trying to get a job. Try phoning Continental Travel Nurses in London , it is a agency that does 13 week contracts mainly in Scotland. I can't remember the number I will post again with it at the end of the day when i can find it.
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    are you still a brithish citizen with a live nmc reg it may be ok. jobs are hard to get at thuogh due to the knck on of the nhs balancing its books