Travel nursing, anyone?

  1. I have the itch to do travel nursing and was wondering if anyone out there is currently traveling, what there thought is on it, and who they recommend going through?
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  3. by   Blue IIs
    I believe I have Gypsy blood so I started traveling almost two years ago. I have been with five different agencies. It is hard to say which is the best. It depends on where you want to go, what type of benefits you want. Research any company you are interested in. There are online sites where travelers rate companies and some hospitals. I personally have found that I like to stay with the smaller companies. From my experience with large companies, it is easier to get lost in the shuffle. There are too many people to deal with.
    I hope this helps. Traveling can be a great way to see the country, see your family, make new friends, and make money while doing it.
    Good luck and enjoy,
  4. by   Taryn
    How far do you want to travel?
    Having worked as a traveler for 5 years in the US, I arranged to travel outside the US and spent a year working in Australia.
    It was a wonderful experience and I am going back next week.

  5. by   Fort Worth
    Do you mind sharing the agency you traveled to Australia with? Email if yuo prefer
  6. by   Taryn
    I didn't have an agency and did 99% of the work on my own. Learning the system by experience, I am now in a position now to help others work out the details.

    Send me a note at and we can discuss it in more detail.