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  1. Hi, I need advice! I am considering my first travel assign w/American Mobile in Cincinnati. Must give answer today. The problem is I'm wanting to go to Calif. My boyfriend & are traveling together. He is a Chiropractor & wants to work in Calif. He won't be able to work in Ohio until June so I'll have to go alone & not go where we want to be. Is it easy as I'm told to be licensed in Calif? There is also a site I found saying you can work in Calif with your license from current state? The company STI? Read a bad review on Amer. Mobile! Should I continue to look for assign in Calif or go with first thing I found? Also I want to continue with Psych. As you can see by the "book" I've written I've gotl alot of unanswered questions. Last thing which agency???
    Thanks sooo much for any advice or suggestions
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  3. by   renerian
    Did you look over the traveling nurse area on I PMd you.

    awesome site for travelers to eval before making committments.

  4. by   RNToni
    Thanks for the reply & yes I've been reading along with getting very confused regarding agencies! Heard anything about "Access" It's looking like Bakersfield this am.
    Thanks again
  5. by   renerian
    Toni I know there is so much information on there. Have you made yourself a cheat sheet to list everyones benies and what is important to you? I did that. I ended up listing with 6 agencies to finally get what I wanted. I still get tons of calls. I may go back to it once the youngest finishes high school. Let me know what you think?

  6. by   LilgirlRN
    This will tell you what is required to get your CA license. Good luck Wendy
  7. by   Little One2
    For those who do travel nursing, How do you find it? You must enjoy if you do it, but what are the benefits?

    Please let me know of any websites that are good for travel nursing.
  8. by   dabestrn
    I work with American Hellhole now. They suck, big time!!! I am switching to RN network next assign.. I am currently ini Cali. and it took me about 4-6 weeks to get my lic..
  9. by   travelcouple
    my husband and i have worked with medical express (part of amer mobile) for 3 years and we love them. they are very competetive and we have found good to work with. it is really dependent of your recruiter. if you get a good recruiter then you won't have a problem no matter who you are with. it only took us about a month to get a temp license to work in california. good luck!
  10. by   Sassy travel on
    Hi Toni-check out the It will rate agencies and recruiters. I am on my 3rd agency and believe I have found a very good one this time. Sometimes you don't realize until you get into an assignment how good/bad an agency is. I am signing on with Travmed USA and believe I have at last found a recruiter who really wants to find me a good assignment. His name is Kevin Armstrong. I did alot of homework and called alot of agencies before taking as assignment with them. Compare,compare and compare some more. Good Luck!