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  1. Hi again, Any other traveling nurses out there? I am searching a for a good company for private insurance and other travel agencies. Does anyone have any good ideas? I find there is so many and would to have some input with anyone who has experience doing this. I woul appreciate it, thanks.
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    I don't know what your insurance needs are, but I would suggest an online insurance broker. They shop the best rates of tons of companies and you can compare different benefits and costs. Myself, I am young and healthy and just needed coverage in case something bad and costly happened. I chose a high deductible plan ($5000) with a health savings account. They pay 100% after your deductible. The HSA (health savings account) is like a health IRA. You can contribute $2700 annualy. This grows tax deferred and is also a tax deduction. You can make deductions out of it for health expenses to cover your deductible with out being penalized. I pay about $45 monthly for this coverage.