Travel Nurse Birmingham, Alabama

  1. Has anyone ever worked as a travel nurse in Birmingham, Alabama? I am wondering if $23 hour is a good rate? What benefits should I expect? Can anyone tell me if they have worked Birmingham before and what rates and benefits are. $23 doesn't sound so great when some California hospitals I've heard pay $50. Is this true or am I misinformed???
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  3. by   michelle00
    Are you taking the housing allowance? Are you working days or nights?
  4. by   mytoon38
    123Dancewith me,

    Are you an LPN or RN? Which company are you with? You really have to get in there and bargain with these companies! I was told most comapnies bill anywhere from 60-80 an hour for your services! I made 23 as an LPN travel nurse ( and that was 2years ago), that is exactly why I went back to school and got my RN because I wanted to make more money! I know Alabama and Mississippi do pay low though! Personally I would not accept less than 30 as a RN! I only work for companies that will pay 100% of my completely furnished private housing and utilities!

    Good Luck!

  5. by   necrogato
    Alabama IS a low-pay state. That's why I moved. But $23 is pretty low, especially for a traveller. Actually I'm surprised they're even using contract labor there. From my experience, they usually just load the staff up with a ridiculous patient load. My advice is to work out your contract, learn from the experience, and enjoy B'ham while you're there.

    The Five-Points area usually has good live music

    Try the BBQ - Ollies is a classic

    Then there's the B'ham Zoo (and no, it's not just dogs and chickens...)

    :yeahthat: Good gourmet restaurants; is the Pillars still there?

    :roll Tuscaloosa is only an hour away; catch a BAMA home game... experience the thrill of victory..... ROLL TIDE.

    Anyhow, there's plenty to do there if you want to have some fun.