travel nurse agencies

  1. can we list the good and bad travel nurse agencies so everyone doesn't have to thru the hunt and seek procedures?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Good idea but you have to keep in mind that some travelers have good experiences and some have bad experiences. There is a source that lists a rating system but I don't remember what thread contained that link. Even that source is only a starting place and not necessarily up to date. I found an agency or two rated twice on that link.
  4. by   roll2000x
    thank you very much
  5. by   rn1233
    Keep in mind that your recruiter has a lot to do with having a good experience from a travel company. Get references from other travelers! Not only would you be helping your fellow nurse out by giving them a referral bonus but you are more likely to get a recruiter that will treat you well and be fair too!
  6. by   roll2000x
    Yes that's goo d advice.... thank you
  7. by   caliotter3
    And last but not least, you can read a lot about other's experiences and opinions by doing a search of threads on this site. Many questions and subjects come up often so there are usually plenty of threads and posts that give info/insight into common questions/situations. I was searching around and that's how I found out about the Evil Empire. You should read people's input about the Evil Empire if you plan on doing travel nursing. Just good info to know. Good luck.
  8. by   OkieICU_RN
    The link you are probably talking about is:

    REMEMBER....these are SUBJECTIVE opinions. I always look to see if more than 1 or 2 people gave it similar ratings. The more people that rank a company or hospital low the more I steer away from them. Also look at the comments written, the sometimes tell what department they are in when looking at hospital rankings. I am not as worried if an ER or OR nurse gives a poor rating since I'm in the ICU. I know in hospitals I have worked in there was low morale on a MS floor but excellen in the OR and vice versa.

    I just wish MORE people knew about this and would rate all their experiences, it sure would help us all!

    Hope it helps you.
  9. by   Franjcamp
    I do want to comment that the hospital I worked in for years was rated as one of the best places to work in one of the major publications. They call it a family, but its big business. The money and benefits are great, but they cater to families and doctors and it doesn't really matter if you have been a dedicated employee for years they will stab you in the back. More than one of the travelers who came through our facility told me personally, it was one of the worst places they had ever been assigned to. So don't let the ratings of a hospital fool you. They may be considered a great place to work and not be that hot.