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Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has ever worked for Readylink? Also, I looked over past forums, and can't find mention of any names of companies to go with or avoid. Would love if everyone... Read More

  1. by   CRNI-ICU20
    I traveled with Preferred and they were very good...paid on time....and really stood by me.....that was almost eight years, I don't know if things have changed....but I liked them then....crni
  2. by   Medicine Eagle
    I also need to find out if anyone has rxperience with travel max or maxim. I have worked for Maxim agency for 5 yeears and I am now going to travel. My daughters life depends on it. She has to see Dr. Rekate (neurosurgeon)in Phoenix. There is a cranial surgery he is doing that she will die without. Travel Max can put me in Phoenix with 1st day insurance. My dughter has had 43 vp shunt revisions in the last 10 yr. This surgery can stop the need for all these surgeries. PLEASE if you have info on this agency let me know.
  3. by   caliotter3
    I am sorry to hear about your daughter. You say you have worked for Maxim for five years so you should be generally familiar with the company and how it treats its employees. At one time, I found some Maxim individuals to be very concerned with my well being, which highly impressed me. However, this was due to personal attributes of the persons involved. While I can not speak for Travel Max specifically, as I haven't worked for that division, I would think that you could count on being treated well while in your travel position. Good luck with your daughter's situation. I hold the best of hopeful intentions for her health.
  4. by   FarmingRN
    Thank you CRNI for your reply, I am looking at Preferred as well. They seem to have it together. I am also looking at a company named Trinity. The recruiter is really working for me right now to get where I want to be. **fingers crossed**
  5. by   FarmingRN
    TiredBraveHeart My heart goes out to you. I sincerely hope you find the help you need for your daughter. My family and I will be praying for you and your family.
  6. by   hotomalis
    Maxim is disorganized. Have you ever been to their office? It's a mess! papers on the floor, I almost fell of the chair (broken), when we went to the conference room, the interviewer had to remove boxes off the table, there were other boxes discarded on top of filing cabinets, etc, etc, etc. That's just a reflection on what they do with you as a client. Those are just my 2 cents.
  7. by   Medicine Eagle
    Thank You for your prayers that is what we are going on. I need to know if you are talking about travel max or just maxim. Maxim can be disorganized and I am familiar with them. However, travel max seems to have it together. I am a first time traveler. I can work in any ER and hold my own. I worked at SLU in Missouri and it is the gun and knife club of St. Louis. But I am afraid of going to a new city and trying to figure out all the stuff you guys are talking about. Like Tax Advantage. I am making this trip with my diabled mother, terminal daughter, and 1 year old son. You can see why I am worried. It is not just me I am taking care of. Any and all advice is appreciated.
    Thank You,
  8. by   Medicine Eagle
    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    Does anyone have any experience with Nursefinders and/or Maxim?
    Let me tell you I have worked for Maxim for 5 years and they just screwed me really bad. I have never recieved the bonuses you are supposed to get and never complained. I have taken shifts 2 hours after working a 12 hour ER shift when I got off because they were desperate. I worked a Hospice pt. for them b/c they had no one. It was 23 hours before they found some body. I did them favors that would blow your mind, and now they stab me in the back. They will lie to you, schedule you for shifts and not tell you until they call and ask why you are not there. What else can I say. They Suck!!!:angryfire
  9. by   caliotter3

    If something terrible happened that is causing you to be so irate at Maxim I hope that you reconsider traveling with Travel Max and whether you want to stay with them. A couple of days ago you seemed all right with the idea of doing your first travel assignment with this bunch. Now you're mad. There's a big difference between disorganized and backstabbing. With all the problems you are experiencing right now you don't need to be dealing with people who don't respect you. Just surprised at the sudden turn in your perspective. I hope things work out for you. Some of us are worried about you and your family and hope that as much as can go smoothly, does so. Do whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable so that you can deal with your life circumstances. And shame on those people at Maxim for treating you badly!
  10. by   hotomalis
    Carliotter3, tiredbraveheart was talking about Maxim. She is traveling with travel max, not Maxim. They are two different and separate entities. I have dealt with Maxim and I can say they stink! However, I never had to deal with Travel Max.
    Good Luck tiredbraveheart, I'm already praying for you and your family.
    Hang tight.
  11. by   caliotter3

    Aware that Travel Max is a separate division under the Maxim umbrella. Maxim has many divisions and they will and do communicate with each other concerning employees. Have received recruiting material from 3 different divisions, including the travel division, from the same address. They use their names interchangeably, like some other companies do. Even the website changes and is not consistent.

    Still, when an employee is having problems, their employers should be considerate, rather than making it harder for that person. Builds up employee good will. The reverse is also true.

    Hoping that all works out for the better.
  12. by   hotomalis
    Oh! I didn't know they were the same entity. I know the building where they are has several bussineses and they are all different entities. For example, there is an online university (Albertus Magnus) there, there is also a real estate agency as well as an insurance company. There is about 20+ floors in that building so, can there be another company in there?
    Anyway, I think tiredbraveheart should hear about this because I believe she is under the impression they are 2 separate entities. Let's pm her.
  13. by   hotomalis
    You need to read the posting from Carliotter3. Aparently they are the same company. You need to be aware of who you are traveling with. Someone had a post for hypodermic highway 2007. Look into who is best to travel with. Good luck tiredbraveheart. I'm still praying for you and your family.