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  1. I've done some travel nursing in the past and had an 'OK' experience (my problem was w/ the travel co., not the hospital). Could anyone out there give me their opinion on which travel co. is the best and why?

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  3. by   CRHSrn
    OK, i see this isn't the place to be posting questions you actually want answered.
  4. by   renerian
    Whoa I know alot of people don't post till the day. Did you check out dephi forums.They have a travelers forum to do background research. So many and each offers different things. You are not allowed to advertise on the board. I have a recruiter I worked with in the past if you want to PM me I will be glad to give you more information. Good luck in your search.

  5. by   renerian
    Any luck in checking out delphi forums?

  6. by   saskrn
    I have been traveling for several years, and without a doubt I think TNS and Express are the best. They are responsive to needs, pay well, provide all the perks, including airfare and rental car. Good luck in your travels!
    The best thing to do is a search on the internet of travel nurse companys. There you can see what each company offers because each have thier own perks that come with thier company.
    Good luck to you
  8. by   dabestrn
    don't go with American Mobile
  9. by   blondamb1
    What's wrong with American Mobile?