Travel co. asking for copy of contract?

  1. Has anyone ever had a travel nurse company ask them to send a copy of their present contract? A recruiter at The Right Solutions did just that. Instead, I sent a copy of my payment stub that showed my hourly wage, my bonus and my weekly stipend that I earn in my present travel position. After I sent it, I called and was told that it was not enough, that they needed a copy of my contract so they could see my guaranteed hours! I told them that this was unethical and really "dumb". Needless to say, I also told them that this was all too strange and that I did not want to do business with them.

    Could someone tell me what was the point of this exercise? All they needed to know is what I wanted from a position, no more, no less. If they were unable to meet my needs, so be it. Why would they press for this info?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    What? They don't take you at your word? I wouldn't comply with such a request, even if I got to be bosom buddies with my contact in the office. Out of line, if you ask me.
  4. by   angel4gramma
    This is my sixth assignment and never asked that. They did however ask me to send all my paperwork including a new drug test and titers that I had to pay for and all my certs because someone deleted them from their computer. I was not happy and am currently looking for a new company
  5. by   mugg54

    I think they probably lost your original contract and needed a copy of it! Why else would they need your contract? They are known for being under handed and trying to take advantage of their nurses! The pay really sucks too! Sorry, I just read your post again and realized they wanted to see your PRESENT contract! I guess they wanted to see that b/c they are!

    I would warn you to be very careful with this company! I took an assignment with them and I ended up having to get an Attorney to deal with them. They misrepresented everything to me. Set me up in unsafe housing, wanted me to work at the hospital WITHOUT ANY orientation, and so many other things I can't count. Go on some of the travel nurse sites where travelers evaluate this company and you will see that a lot of travelers have had problems with this company. I was told they change their name every few years, but i am not sure if that part is true! I agree with other's, they should change their name from "The Right Soutions" to "The Right Place to Work if You Want to Get Taken Advantage Of"!
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