To those of you who choose housing subsidy...

  1. Does anyone choose the housing subsidy? If so, what is your experience with this? I'm planning on moving about 2 hours away and I want to stay in that city (Columbus) for at least 9 months. I want to pick my own housing and bring my own things. Should I sign a 9 month lease with an apartment even though I'm really not guaranteed 9 months in Columbus? And if my company absolutely can't get me another job there after my 13 weeks (although they probably could), I could switch companies I guess to stay in the city. Anyone with advice?
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  3. by   renerian
    I would not sign a lease unless you know your staying for 9 months to one year. There are some 6 month places such as executive housing but that is really expensive. I contracted with Residence Inn one time for large discounted rate for a couple months but I don't know if they would do 9 months but it will be much more than your subsidy.

  4. by   suzanne4
    If your agency is only guaranteeing a contract for 13 weeks, do not sign a contract for that long for an apt.

    I have many of my own things with me, and still take the apt from the agency. I have an upgraded apt, so the extra that I need to give them is less than what it would be. (2 bedroom/2 bath with fireplace)
  5. by   suzanne4
    And especially with Columbus, I was reading something yesterday that in that city they have severely cut down on travellers as well as per diem agency. You may find yourself without a place down the road.

    But it is your choice.