TNAA (Travel nurse across america) company

  1. Any body ever heard of this company TNAA??? Thanks for any feedback!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but never. Where are they based out of?
  4. by   Beneficence
    THey are out of Little Rock AR. I have read the "testimonies" of Rns who work for them and of course they all have great things to say about them!!! Can I count on that?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Of course not. Is any company ever going to post the bad things?
  6. by   TravORNurse
    I have worked for this company. They are great as long as nothing goes wrong at the hospital. I recently had a contract canceled for attitude by a hospital where I wouldn't get breaks until after 7 to 8 hours of my 10 hour shift and where traveling nurses are treated in a less then favorable way. I spoke up about being unhappy about that and needing a break at a reasonable time and they canceled my contract for "attitude." The documentation of my "attitude" was completely inadequate saying things like "nurse was unhappy and muttering under their breath" but gave no examples of what was muttered or dates and times of "occurences." This company sided with the hospital without ever having spoken with me AND they withheld $1500.00 from my last check and sent me notice that they want me to pay them almost another $300.00. The hide behind no-tolerance for poor attitude rules and refuse to even give me receipts or a breakdown of where the money was applied. Again, they NEVER spoke to me to find out what happened before they sided with the hospital and now they won't use me either. I also have multiple letters from nurses and staff from that hospital stating that I had a great attitude and was very easy to work with which I did send to this company and they STILL won't respond to me or give me ANY of the money they kept or provide information with regards to where the money was applied. I feel it was a huge mistake to work for this company because they only seem to be concerned with getting the money even if they have to take it from the nurse. Further, it seems they side with the hospitals because that is where the money is, regardless of what the facts are.