Thoughts on Emerald Health Services?

  1. I'm new to this forum so bear with me. =) I want to start travel nursing to see what California is like. Does anyone have any experience with Emerald Health Services? They called me to see if I wanted to try travel nursing, but I don't know anything about them.

    Thoughts and experiences appreciated!
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  3. by   fergus51
    I love them. Not the biggest company, but I've been really happy with my recruiter, my pay, my contracts and all the members of their staff.
  4. by   pennccrn
    I'm with Emerald Health Services now and I agree that there great, there a small Santa Monica based company that is currently limited to contracts in California only, although they are looking to expand to other states is what my recruiter tells me however not at this time. The up side is that they pay significantly more than most (in terms of your "take home") the downside is because they are a small company they have limited contracts than if you go with a larger sized company. Because they also pay a little differently it's harder to compare than to other companies, they pay you less taxable and more untaxable (combine it with your stipend) so that you take home more money, your base rate might be only 20/hr but your stipend is 1100 q2weeks. These are just figures I am posting here for informational purposes and don't necessarily reflect contracts. Any questions send them my way! -
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  5. by   nsgshortage
    Would never sign with them. At first they appeared nice, but started getting weird when I didn't sign a "floater" contract with them. Very pushy.

    Try Procel instead.
  6. by   Mayflye
    What's a "floater" contract?
  7. by   classic_67usa
    I just completed a 6 month contract with Emerald and wish to say that I would have to be desperate to work for them again. The other nurses that I worked with at our hospital agreed with me. I received $18.50 an hr base pay with $680 dollars every 2 weeks for stipend. Now I say to you, Is this good?
    The other 3 nurses were receiving the same pay.
    My recruitier changed just after I signed the first contract and the 2nd recruiter, I seldom heard from. They shorted me hours and did not fill the need to pay them. The Recuiter's comment was, "We're not paying you. We do not have to pay you if we do not want to." They kept my $300 bonus at the end of contract.
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  8. by   Victoria R
    Glad to know I'm not the only one who's very unhappy with Emerald. After 6 months of working for them I realized they only "care" about you when they make money off of you. Very unprofessional people! Plus, they don't pay as well as other companies for registry shifts. Thanks for your post!
  9. by   gnursjr2
    They have been trying to get me to sign with them, but the recruiter I've been talking to is a shark circling - lies, nasty. Not my first choice.
  10. by   LauraOckwig
    What company do you guys suggest?
  11. by   travelerjulesRN
    Advantage RN
  12. by   zacarias
    Emerald is one of the best Travel companies out there. I've gone through the whole process with many agencies and they are one of the best. AND, they have California contracts that nobody else has!

  13. by   hkLD5150
    I talked to them, On Assignment, and about 10 others (haha) and Flexcare....... I ended up taking my first assignment with Flexcare. I'm in Bakersfield ( not the best location) but it's great money and a really nice hospital. I'm hoping to go to Santa Barbara next
    I thought this website was helpful......
    Hope that helps!!