Thinking about traveling, please help!

  1. Hi, I am thinking about traveling. I have two years critical care experience, and I want to stay in that feild. Is there a lot of oppourtunity for cc nurses in traveling? How about day shift, is it hard to come by? Also trying to find a good company that I can trust, any info? I was looking into On Assignment, does anyone have any input on them? Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Alot!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I love them and have only had day contracts with them.
  4. by   RNmegan84
    Hey thanks, good to know. Have you ever traveled to hawaii? Do you know what kind of pay I could expect?
  5. by   suzanne4
    No idea, but less than on the mainland.
  6. by   texastraveler
    I have worked in Maui. Everyone at the hospital was friendly. It was the best three months ever!! Pay isn't all that great, but it was worth it to be in Maui. Pay normally around $27 - $29/hr. I did have a fully furnished private condo. No rental car. I think now the companies are offering a rental car. If not, expect to pay at least $500/mo for an old nissan sentra. Specify if you want a/c before you make reservations. I rented a Jeep, you can rent an older Jeep for around $600/mo.
  7. by   Luv2Travel
    I travel with CrossCountry TravCorps. I worked as a CC nurse with them and loved it. My recruiter has been absolutely wonderful. I am now working as a Med/Surg nurse with CCTC and continue to love it. I love their website because I can see the pay/hr for each assignment before I apply. If you are interested, please let me know and I will give you my recruiter's name and phone.