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yes, i know, picking a travel company is very dependent on what one wants. however there are things ever travel nurse may want: great pay accomodation + utilities paid for car allowance perhaps... Read More

  1. by   Diary/Dairy
    I just want to put out there that some of the companies in the Evil Empire are not all bad. I am working for American Mobile right now. They have a lot of assignments (I needed to be near Greensboro, NC to be with my sister and they had the closest assignment.) My recruiter has been kind, accessible, and has followed up with issues promptly. I would not change. It;s all about the recruiter you work with and knowing what you want out of a company.
  2. by   dorie43rn
    Has anyone ever worked for Agostini Nursing based out of California? A coworker of mine used to travel with them and said they are good, but I would like more opinions before I make the giant leap to travel nursing.


  3. by   catlover314 is a great source for comparing travel companies.
  4. by   Diary/Dairy
    Hitting the road is also an excellent resource for the new travel nurse.
  5. by   TravORNurse
    Quote from jklp's mom
    I disagree with at least one of the evil companies. I've been with medical express for several years. and love everything about them/. my recruiter is so trust worthy and truthful with me and really fights for me. I've never been screwed over and always are in the best apartments, and evrything ready. no problems in anything if you want I'll refer you to my recruiter she's is the best and I love her to death.

    Hmm, are you the actual recruiter for Medical Express? My experience with them wasn't great. Thing that bothered me the most (among other things) was that I asked them if they were affiliated with ANY other companies and they said "no." I later found, when I was having housing problems (that they never fixed), that they were a smaller company under American Mobile. Dishonesty to me = bad. That's just my opinion...