Texas travel agencies?

  1. Hello, all.

    I am looking for more information on agencies that may either be based in Texas or have Texas NICU assignments available, particularly in the Dallas/Austin/Houston areas?

    I've been told All About Staffing, Pulse, MAXIM, and cctc may be helpful. Any others that you know of?

    Any information is greatly appreciated and shall perhaps earn you a margarita on me should we ever cross paths. ;P

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  3. by   packtraveler06
    Medical Solutions often has assignments available in TX. I am not sure about NICU jobs, I work primarily adult ICU but you could look at the website or give them a call.
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  4. by   NICU_Nurse
    Thank you!
  5. by   asnoyes
    Any idea what the pay rate for adult ICU is in TX?
  6. by   Tripod
    All About Staffing is an in-house nursing resource pool for HCA hospitals. HCA has lots of hospitals mostly in Florida and Texas. However, HCA has known reputation for being very cheap and usually only provide bare min supplies for staff. I know many nurses who will not work for HCA hospitals because they cut so many corners to improve profit margins and to offset huge amounts of fines/penalties from largest medical recovery by government in history - I belive final settlement for Medicare and other fraud was close to 2 billion dollars. That being said....allaboutstaffing will usually pay little more than rest because of HCA reputation.
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