1. beginning to research traveling after 15 yrs L&D...know anything about Talemed? how relevant is number of years experience?
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  3. by   EmilyRPiatt
    If you are still interested in traveling. TaleMed has tons of L&D openings right now. Just had 2 open up in Hawaii today!
  4. by   bamablue78
    I have seen great reviews about TaleMed...I am also in talks with them about openings!!!! Keep us updated on your adventure.
  5. by   klone
    Talemed is one of the three companies I've been working with. I have to say that I haven't been as impressed with them as I have the other two companies. The other companies have kept in regular phone contact with me, and were prompt when a good position that met my requirements opened up. I had to contact Talemed when I saw a position listed on their website that fit my requirements.

    I'm sure others have probably had great experiences with them, but for me, I haven't been impressed thus far.
  6. by   tatarn2b2007
    I was not impressed with them either. They didn't even check my references, but said they were submitting me for jobs. I had to contact them every week to see what was available for me and one time they told me they were submitting me for a job and the next week they told me they forgot. I know they were rated number one for a number of years, but I think they have fallen off that rating. It probably has a lot to do with the recruiter too. The one I talked to liked to tell me all the perks, but beat around the bush when I asked about certain contracts. Good luck in whoever you go with!
  7. by   JoeMacERRN
    Yeah I'm just starting the hunt on travel jobs. Have talked with telemad, but not impressed with the package they offered. Also have read acouple of negative posts on other forums about them. You never know, it's a jungle out there. Tax incentives, stipends, free housing that really isn't ,blah, blah,..
  8. by   tarbinator
    When I first looked into travel nursing, TaleMed was the first company I spoke with. They are one of the ONLY ones to keep in constant phone contact with me throughout my first contract with ANOTHER company. As it turns out, I was able to get a new contract for my next assignment with them. They have been straightforward, honest and hard-working on my behalf. I have nothing bad to say. Everyone that has contacted me has been professional, prompt and friendly. My contract is very good, and there were even areas they tweaked for me.

    Do your homework, ask questions, and don't be afraid to ask for something you want. Remember to get everything in your contract up front!

  9. by   GleeGum
    I have mixed feelings about Talemed, they seem good and have great health insurance (something that is important to me) but the recruiter I've talked with is not very consistant and even tried to get me to commit to a job start when they had the hospital on the other line. There were many questions yet still to answer. Too soon to commit. I turned it down because of the pressure he was putting on me. Not very professional in my opinion. I have decided not to go with them.
  10. by   JoeMacERRN
    I did sign with TaleMed. They are flying me out and paying for rental car for my 13 week assignment. I am excited about my first travel job. As soon as all the details were worked out, and signed the contract, I got my Alaska RN license, shoot! The dream job will have to wait. I jump off in 5 days!! Ready to get to work again!!