Taking the leap to travel nursing

  1. Hi fellow nurses. I have over 3 years of ER nursing experience in NY, where patient ratios average about 10 and more(!!!). I have been interested in travel nursing for some time, and need some advice on taking the leap into travel nursing. Some of my concerns- finding a good hospital, working with staff when they know you are a "traveler", finding and working with the "right" recruiter, moving to a different area. The process seems overwhelming, and from what I've been reading, it seems that most people say it's worth it and the unknowns seem to be a risk you take when travel nursing.

    I want to have a positive first experience, in order to set the tone for the future. I am currently interested in California- (Is it the patient ratio real in the California ER's or is it more of a suggested ratio number).

    Any advice, tips, agency or hospital recommendations would be appreciated
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  3. by   NedRN
    It is real, and breaks are fully relieved. You may still miss breaks but you will be paid an extra hour if you do. Sometimes ratios go up a bit intraday, but it is really impressive how hard most hospitals work to meet the rules. Must be some severe penalties! You may have fewer techs available to you than you are used to at higher ratio hospitals.