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I'm 2/3 of the way through my contract at Pitt Memorial in Greenville, NC, and I have to say it's the best assignment I've had yet. Aside from having to take that &^%$#! PBDS, everything's been... Read More

  1. by   boringscreenname
    Sorry about that! I didn't mean that you said anything bad, I just get tired of the bashing of large corporations that occurs here. A bigger company provides stability and ensures that I will get paid as they have the funds to make the checks valid! I don't know about the ones travelling with smaller companies, but I like to get paid! Recruiter always finds ways to slip a little extra in, too!!
  2. by   housemomma
    Lil extra is right........... King size bed,W/d in unit, micro, 1/2 of spousal insurance paid, parking paid, upfront travel money lots just have to ask and have a great recruiter. It also helps if you been with them awhile. We have been with them for 2 years now and once they seem to know you want to stay with them more bene's happen.

    Perhaps wife and you have same recruiter!! lol
  3. by   moonrose2u
    At the risk of sounding completely stupid, what is the PBDS?:smackingf
  4. by   housemomma
    look on travel nurse forum homepage. It has a sticky note on it
  5. by   housemomma