short term disability

  1. I just twisted my knee this afternoon, I've got in on ice and elevated. I'm a little worried if I can't walk well by Thursday my next shift. I think I got short-term disability but not 100% sure if it was added with my health ins. I had a two month break in between contracts. Maybe my knee will feel better tomorrow, crossing my fingers.
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  3. by   NedRN
    Workers comp if this happened at work. If so, you need to report the accident with the hospital and your agency.

    Otherwise, disability is most commonly provided by Aflac separately from most employer's health insurance policies. You might get lucky and have coverage from either health insurance or Aflac, but I doubt that there are very many travel companies that pony up for expensive insurance. They would have to reduce your pay and thus their competitiveness against other agencies. Hope you get lucky! Ask your agency's benefits person.

    Even better would be if you knee heals quickly. Good luck.