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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

  1. by   sissy56
    My contract in Orlando fell through so I won't be able to "rally", We're going to try to stay on in the West. So far the cold and snow hasn't affected the RV. We sure have gone through a lot of propane. Good thing electric is included with our lot rent, we've been using electric heaters to suppliment the furnace.
    No new information or much interest on the rally in a bit. I am still waiting to find out if my contract is being extended past the 15th of Feb. A traveler that started the same time as me, in the PACU, just got her extension but had to be very pushy with her recruiter. Guess that's what I am going to do today. Have seen my name on the next schedule but don't count on it.

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  3. by   HeavensNurse

    Keep us posted.

    Did get my extension and now have a contract till May 17, hopefully the job holds out for a couple weeks longer than that. Are we still thinking of April? How many are still interested. Have had one post indicating they were not going to be able to get to Florida this year.

  5. by   gradRN2007
    Hi Rod,
    I just started 13 weeks of weekends so I probably can't. Also, thinking of selling RV lock stock and barrel for what I owe..only used 6 times. We bought it because my husband was going to be transferred to tampa and instead was laid off...so it is outfitted to live in full time, has everything. If you know of a fellow traveler or wanna be think of me, 35', 2 slide outs cougar travel trailer. just beautiful..
  6. by   HeavensNurse
    I'm still in. I will be in FL until May 10th. Congrats on the renewal! Hope all is well. Kim
    Some days I hate my new computer. I had a response all ready to post and the stupid touch screen sent me to a link where the cursor was hanging out. My old PC had an on/off button for the screen but this one doesn't. (Or at least not one I can find. ) Maybe you are lucky. My previous post was quite wordy. To sum it up. It's been a busy Spring so far and I haven't had any time to prepare for a "Rally" the way I would like to. Have had no time to visit locations and it doesn't look like I have any time in the near future. My daughters Softball games and a couple family issues have kept me busy. I have to make an unplanned trip to Iowa around the time I had planned on setting aside for the Rally in April so it looks like the month of April is out for me. I am on contract till the 15th of May and will be remaining in Florida till early June. Hopefully working a bit during that time too. Won't know about that till nearly the first of May though. If anyone is still here when it's time for me to head North I would consider taking a day or two extra to meet on the way. School gets out June 3, and I would like to be on the road North by the 5th if possible. Let me know your ideas.

  8. by   HeavensNurse
    Rod, trying to find work up in the NE, and pull out of FL by May 10, but that is subject to change. Keep us posted!
  9. by   PCICURN
    Hi everyone!! I am planning on starting travel nursing in September and have already started talking to recruiters!! I'm very excited and really have been thinking about buying an RV to travel in. I really like the idea of having my own place to call home. What do you all think about a single girl, age 25, traveling alone?!? Are most camp sites pretty safe with security and such? Any advice would be appreciated!!
  10. by   RN Zeke
    Rent an RV the same size you plan on buying. Drive it around, put gas in it, the propane tanks, fill up the water tanks, empty the grey and black waste tanks, park it in a park for the weekend and just see how everything works. This will let you know it you want to drive one for real before you buy one and then decide driving through traffic and in big cities is for you.
  11. by   gradRN2007
    i agree with above but you don't need a hugh one, and the new ones on top of pick up ones are great, gorgeous and gas saving, can park anywhere...get an rv magazine to see whats out there and go to a rv show..
    we have a hugh one, travel trailer and i couldn't drive it myself if i wanted too...hubby was going to live in it full time at new job but never happened...
    good luck traveling at least i have the trailer when i decide to travel
  12. by   RN Zeke
    I think you are talking about a slide on camper for a truck. They are in the ball park of $25,000. for a new one, plus the truck to slide it on, maybe another $25,000. If you go that route, you still need to think about transportation to and from work. Un hooking from water, sewer, and electricity and repeating after work might get to be a pain. Then hope you don't have to park in a parking garage, that could be a problem. Do your home work, trailer, class c, slide on or RV. Check Craig's list too! Good luck!! See ya on the road or campsite some day.
  13. by   HeavensNurse
    It's an excellent IDEA! Do your homework. You have enough time. I hope you have a specialty they are looking for, ICU, ER, Surgery, Tele... As LTC/Hospice it has been hard, but I've been OK. Good Luck, and most of all, ENJOY!!!!