Ques. re: housing (traveling with family)

  1. For those who travel with spouse/kids, what are housing options like? Obviously we need a two bedroom (only 1 child) but are the subsidies enough to be really helpful? I'm just wondering how much, on average, I can expect to have to pay for housing. Not going to travel for another year and a half, but I'm looking at agencies, and I'd like to find one that offers a nice housing subsidy - unfortunately, we want to go to all the "expensive" places first, haha - Hawaii, Florida, California, New York!
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Usually the agency provides a one bedroom apt. or provides a subsidy for approximately the same amount (subsidy may be slightly less). I always take the provided housing, but on occasion have asked them to get me a two bedroom if family or friends will be spending extended time with me. Usually this will cost me about $200 to $250 extra a month (includes the cost of the larger apt. and extra bedroom furniture rental). They take this out of my check divided in half - half the amt. from each biweekly check.
    Sometimes I have ended up with larger places - two or 3 bedroom without requesting them if no one bedroom places are available. In those cases I don't get charged for the extra rooms because that is what they could get.
  4. by   Conqueror+
    When i got offered and assignment in a small Mass. town I got a cute little gingerbread house for free because there were no apartments within 50 miles of the facility SWEET !! Like the other poster said it shouldn't cost much more to get a second bedroom.