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If you are currently thinking of leaving your permanent job, consider what I have to say. You may have a very hard time convincing the next full-time employer you intend to stay and not travel again.... Read More

  1. by   tampanurse2000
    Hey Wolf at the door, I also saw permanent staff ICU positions here on AN Job section. Positions are with Tenet Health-various cities, and Sutter Health Crescent City, CA, all for staff ICU nurses. Best of luck to you.
  2. by   Wolf at the Door
    Quote from tampanurse2000
    Hey Wolf at the door, I just received the latest ICU travel assignments from Fastaff for ICU areas.
    The locations are in California, New Mexico, Massachusetts and DC.

    ICU-CCU start dates 7/24/17 & 8/21/17 $2800.00 weekly.

    ICU-General MICU & SICU start dates 7/5/17 & 8/21/17.

    ICU-General MICU & SICU in DC start date dates include 7/3/17 $2600.00 weekly.

    ICU-General MICU & SICU Massachusetts start date 7/11/17 $1980 weekly.

    There were others listed on Fastaff website, why don't you look if you are interested.
    Unfortunately some of my hardships have included health problems since travel nursing (small procedure). I have an important appointment next week in CA. I will look at the Stockton job since one of my job interviews next week was postponed by the hospital.
  3. by   Wolf at the Door
    Quote from NedRN
    Total pay will be over $50 an hour, right? In any case, using contingent labor not only costs less per hour than staff in California, it is a good strategy nationwide to be able to readily adjust to changes in pt population and not have to lay off or hire new staff nurses (which takes several months on average versus 2 to 4 weeks for a traveler). Yes, it makes it harder to get a staff job in a state like California, but it is a rational business strategy, not personal.

    I'm certainly not suggesting business can do no wrong. The current trend to using subcontractors in say the construction business to shift liability downstream for not paying overtime or minimum wage or being responsible for immigration status is reprehensible. So is the US government deleting good jobs for outsourcing to non-union lower paid contractors with poor benefits and working conditions. Sad if I may quote our glorious leader.

    If you want a staff job, you may have to play the game. Get a travel assignment, work your butt off and become well liked, and a job will be offered.
    That travel assignment has over 20 nurses and there is only 1 position lol. I am currently applying for jobs from NY to VA today. I will never leave another staff job. The grass is on fire on the other side and its sucks being caught barefooted.
  4. by   Argo
    I try to talk everyone out of traveling too.... More assignments for me.