Nursing in BC

  1. Thinking about doing travel Nursing in BC... does anyone know anything about what it is like up there ??? I am NICU, L&D and Post partum X 17 years. Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   lalaxton
    I would ask in the Canadian nursing forum, you would get more replies. In general nursing in Canada is not that different than nursing in the US.
  4. by   anticoagulationurse
    I live in WA very close to the Canada border. A good friend was a nurse in BC and works/moved here becuase the pay is better. Also, I guess there is not a lot of difference between LPN and RN wages there. Keep in mind the public health system, and there are also private (patients pay cash for quicker medical help, etc) I do have to say though, Victoria and Vancouver (surrounding areas) are incredibly beautiful places to go. That's about all I can offer.
  5. by   m_chatelaine
    I am a canadian nurse living in Vancouver. By far the most beautiful city in Canada. The weather is comparable very mild, no snow, but a rainy season Nov-Jan. It is very green here and soooo many things to do. I work in Richmond which sits on an island and is a bridge away to vancouver (10minutes) Cheaper to live and a very nice hospital. VGH or Vancouver General Hospital is the large center downtown VAN, and ST Paul's Hospital is downtown as well, but serves a large homeless and drug use community. The hospitals in Canada are provincially funded, there are no private hospitals, but private clinics that may pay more for nurses. Good luck and hey, You'll really love it here.