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  1. by   saskrn
    I have traveled for years, make pretty good money, I guess, and got a $10,000 refund last year. I am NOT complaining! lol
    As a traveler, not only in the USA but also over the entire world I can tell as far as tax time goes, Invest wisely and get an accountant and keep good books on your buisness expendatures. But if you work for a company then you can not deduct certain things because the company pays you for them and they are considered a Perk and perks are not deductable and are taxable. As far as some of the comments that you have made. This is a very good site and with many nurses here that have a range of information, that are more than willing to help in any way shape or form but if you come across to them as a bull in a china shop I can see why you got some of the answers in which you did. If this is something that you do on a regular basis I do suggest another forum inwhich you choose to discuss things because its not how things are done here. No one wants confrontations, we get them enough at work, but if you would like for someone to help you in a civil manner then this is where you come.
    Again this is coming from a Well Experienced travel Nurse and I have listed something on each of your posts. So please like checking your stethescope at the door check the attitude.
    Just my thoughts