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I have just agreed to a new assignment in Southern Oregon on a Lake. It's a Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:30pm, with no weekends, and no holidays..:cool:. Unfortunately there is no opportunity for OT...but I... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    You're welcome Val.... Don't worry ...because they're a new companies springing up it seems almost daily! There is another company that just advertised today, that offering free insurance on medical, dental, life insurance, short, long, and disabiltiy from day one! So don't even sweat it. And a lap top is a good thing to it will save you the hassle of being like be carrying about this desktop...:chuckle. I just don't like the lap tops...but I realize they would be a lot better than deal with this thing...:chuckle.

    Beleive me time will go fast, and before you know will be time to start looking for a job to gain experience, and by the time you have passed that hurdle, it will be time to start looking for that first assignment. you should start should start looking at agencies at least 4 months before you're ready to travel. Some states only require about 6mos experience before agreeing to give you a license by endorsement. But some of them you will need to start applying as soon as possible, as the process can be long.
    The state you that always has needs and is the most difficult to get licensed in is Florida. Get a license there and the rest is a piece of cake..
  2. by   kids
    ...and if the logistics can be worked out she might be eating Thanksgiving dinner at my house!

    (as kids buffs her nails on her chest and knows she looks so cool!)
  3. by   Brownms46 crack me up gurl...:chuckle. I sure hope I can get some free turkey and sit back and maybe I'll offer to help with the dishes...:chuckle. Naaaa I hope things work out where I can be there and give Thanks with your family and I sure appreciate that you offered to open your home to my child and I on such an occasion. As it would truly be an honor...
  4. by   Brownms46
    OOh nurs4kids...I will be starting on th 11th, of Nov. so that will give me time to give you a warning...:chuckle...that whether I can make it or not. I just have this feeling that they won't be closed on that Friday, and once you fill me up I know I won't want to drive back the same nite.Buurp..:chuckle.
  5. by   Brownms46
    Please disregard the above post concerning my employement with Aureus Medical, and I no longer have any intention of going anywhere with them! At present I will not be going to Oregon, or anywhere else with them!
  6. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by Brownms46
    Please disregard the above post concerning my employement with Aureus Medical, and I no longer have any intention of going anywhere with them! At present I will not be going to Oregon, or anywhere else with them!
    Uh ohhhh.... it was too good to be true? I was hoping not, you sounded so happy before. Sorry about the turn of events...
  7. by   Brownms46
    No assignment was good one, but the recruiter wanted to put my daughter and I in a one-room bed and breakfast as opposed to the two bedroom that was promised. A bed and breakfast is not a good choice for anything longer than a week or two. The biggest problem was the recruiter wasn't listening, and I don't go hunderds of miles without a good relationship with my recruiter. A recruiter can make or break any agency's relationship with a traveler. And this one broke mine with this agency.

    No matter I have an offer for more money with my old recruiter...
  8. by   Vsummer1
    So is that why they told you not to bother about the linens and pots and pans then. They expected you to live in someone else's home (a bed and breakfast) for an extended period of time?

    I haven't been to a bed and breakfast, but have seen them on TV travel shows I would LOVE to visit one, but not live in one for 13 weeks or however long! Something about having my own space after work seems appealing, especially since some days (I learned from clinicals) the first thing I want to do is peal off that uniform and run naked to the shower!

    Your daughter travels with you? Does she also work?
  9. by   Brownms46
    Hi Val,

    No they do provide everything, and there are other agencies that provide the same thing. In fact my first assignment provide everything all the way down to detergent, lotion, sheets, and rice bed, with the foot stool you use to climb up on, shower curtain, tea kettle, trash cans, throw rugs..EVERYTHING. I didn't have to buy any thing and it was a good thing cause I was flat broke getting there!

    No these benefits were not new, nor were the hours as my last contract in WA. was working in a GI specialty clinic with the same hours making $23/hr with a 2bedroom apt fully furnish...except for the utilites. What was new was what I was going to be able to do there, and that the area was just where I wanted to be.

    And my duaghter works part time where ever we end up, and they always hate to see her leave, and even now they're begging her to stay here...just like they did at the last place...:chuckle. In fact they even went online, to find out where this place was, and all greeted her telling her, there wasn't an Express or Limited there...:chuckle. And she is getting a degree in Business management online....and has one more year to go. She wants to own her own busines in the future and is an excellent sales person. In fact she is going on a trip to Utah tonite to a seminar with some other young business people...

    But back to the travel. NO this arrangement is defiinitely real...but it seems this I maybe wrong...was trying to low ball me and totally wasn't interested in what was right for me. The last person who went there was by herself, but I think even she got tired of it after awhile. Because they say she loved it initially. But anything that cramped get old after a while.
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  10. by   Brownms46
    OOOOh K!! Assignment is BACK on, with the agency I have been working for the last 2 1/2 yrs. I leave immediately...well almost...:chuckle!!!! And the pay is a LOT more...and I'm just about brusting at the seams!

    Doing the happy ...doing the happy.....doing the happy !!!
  11. by   kids are making me dizzy!
  12. by   Brownms46
    :chuckle kidsrfun I just saw this post..:chuckle! Well tomorrow is moving day! I have found a mover to do my very small move for less than it cost me to do it myself the last time. And the only thing I have to do is provide refresment to the movers, like a good host..:chuckle. They will storage my little stuff here in AZ with one month free, until I decide whether I want to take this as a perm job. Then they will deliver it to me.

    The agency I work for has provided me with a 2 Bd/2 BR HOUSE with hard wood floors, leaded glass chandeliers, triple paned windows, 2 gas log fireplaces a heated garage with workshop area with a basketball hoop inside it, formal living room, formal dining room, family room with sm. bar, lg kitchen, with a patio, and a fenced yard. It also has a new Amana side by side w/water and ice in the door, and self-cleaning digital stove. Waaahaaa...but no dishwasher..boohoo..:chuckle. Greedy ain't I.. All lawn care and snow removal taken care of by the realty company.

    All this is less than the median price of a one bedroom here in Scottsdale. I have pics of the inside and we got it thru a realtor there. The owner agreed to keep all the utilites in his name with a deposit, so I wouldn't have to deal with 5 different utilites including DSL

    I move in on Monday and I start my new assignment on Tuesday. I know I have a half day off Christmas and NY's EVE...but not sure about the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. But I will give RSVP your offer for Thanksgiving as soon as I find out next week. Then you will be the second family member I have met in person...
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  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Wow. How very cool. Makes me kinda wish I did travelling nursing.

    Good luck, Ms. Brownie, sounds wonderful!