Looking for some travel buddies!!!

  1. Hello everyone, I have finally come to the point in my life where I can fulfill my long awaited dream of travel nursing! I am planning on doing an assignment in Cali sometime in August (I know its a while away but thought it would be good to start meeting potential contacts and anyone interested in going around that time now). I am a 26 y.o. ICU nurse, and theres nothing in this world that I love more than to TRAVEL the world! I hope I can meet some like-minded people that share my passion, that I can go on this adventure with! I am open minded, love meeting new people, seeing new places and doing new things, I have no kids, but 2 cats (not sure if their coming along yet) and live life to the fullest. I am planning on doing my first assignemnt in California (already have my Cali license), then I wanna go to Hawaii, NY and who knows next.. I definitely plan on doing some leisure travel in between assignments also.I wouldnt mind having someone or more than one person to go with and do stuff with, or if your already there doing an assignment we could meet up, which is always more fun than going by yourself..Woudlnt mind having a roomate either, so if this sounds like you feel free to PM me!
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  3. by   AnnaB.RN
    Hi lunalitsa! I am 23 and have been a NICU nurse for a year now. I am also wanting to travel in the fall. My husband will be coming with me but I think it would be nice to have another nurse to have there. I just think it would be easier to settle into if i had someone else working with me. We love to travel and are open to going pretty much anywhere. Keep me posted!
  4. by   ksmelker
    I am also looking for a travel buddy starting travel this fall.... Thought I would pipe in
  5. by   xxJohnnyTxx
    im a frequent ER travel nurse. i travel between NYC and california. im currently in nyc im 25years old and travel with some friends of mine. if youre ever in nyc let me know. were looking to goto hawaii this september!
  6. by   AnnaB.RN
    Wow! Hawaii sounds awesome! I want to go there so bad, but lately there hasn't been any NICU positions there. Maybe by September there will be. I will keep an eye out. Ksmelker, where do you want to go?What companies are y'all working with?
  7. by   AnnaB.RN
    Yesuba, I can't pm you back bc Im new to the site and haven't used it enough yet. If you see this, PM me with your email or Facebook name and i would love to get in touch with you.
  8. by   RNWhit07
    Sounds awesome. I am also looking to travel to Cali and someday hopfully Hawaii as well! I am 24 year old ICU nurse with 2 years experience. I love to travel, and what better time to do so while I'm young and single. What travel agency are you looking at going with? Ive been doing some research and am so excited. I'm currently in Virginia...will be applying to companies prob in Aug (Because I won't be able to travel until January due to a contract I'm currently in.) Does anyone know how long it takes to get your Cali license. Message me if you want. -Whit
  9. by   sweetgurly25
    it takes 6-8 weeks sometimes longer to get the cali license after you send the fingerprints in. go to rn.ca.gov for more info
  10. by   Italia61703
    Johnny-are you still in new York? I'm heading to Connecticut for my first assignment and would love to take the train down to new York. Willing to show a fellow nurse around for the day? =)
  11. by   Worldtravelgirl
    For anyone that travels to the Los Angeles area, I live and work here permanently (for now) and would love to meet up with folks that travel here and hang out! I'm hoping to travel when I get enough ICU experience because I feel like I could never get any offers in Med/Surg/Tele :/
  12. by   Lunalitsa
    I would love to go to Hawaii, how did you guys manage to get a gig there?! Heard its super competitive and also not many positions there..I am also planning on NY as well at some point..
  13. by   Lunalitsa
    Hey when are you planning on starting? I am planning on end of next month, looking at Southern Cal..Would love a roomate..Feel free to PM me!