Loma Linda, CA travel assignment

  1. I am a PICU RN and i will be going to Loma Linda Children's hospital for an 11 week travel assignment. Does anyone have experience at the facility or advice for the area?

    Any would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   rokclimbear
    Have you started your assignment? I just got an offer today for LLU ER and I wanted feedback from other travelers as well.
  4. by   Cali
    I am currently looking to go to Loma Linda. My current agency doesn't have a contract there. What agency are you guys using?
  5. by   Love1another
    I just started here Jan 9th. It has been pretty chaotic since LLUMC hardly uses travelers. I have only worked on the unit twice (first day off orientation begins tomorrow) and so far everyone has been nice and helpful. The Loma Linda area is, ugh, well not what I, nor alot of other travelers expected. SMaller town, some shady areas...but like I said i havent been here quite long enough for a real feel. The company I a with put travelers in 2 different apartment complexes and mine is wonderful. Its not even a 10 min drive to work, beautiful and safe area.
  6. by   Love1another
    I am using american mobile. but cross country also has travelers out here.
  7. by   JakeRN06
    Have you liked American mobile so far?
  8. by   Love1another
    So far, yes. This is my first time using them and it they've been pretty good. I have also been with HRN, and had a good experience with them as well.
  9. by   TraumaSurfer
    Loma Linda UMC/CHU are bringing in lots of travelers now in all areas and professions because they are training their staff for transitioning to EPIC computer charting starting the first week of Feb 2013.