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Hi all, I am an ICU nurse on the east coast (NC). Some of the travelers on my unit are claiming that it's possible to work contract per diem jobs in California for 10 days a month. Then you're off... Read More

  1. by   BluntForceTrauma
    I wonder how long ago that post was...usually if they are doing that, they are per diem. Those hours may or may not be guaranteed especially overtime.
  2. by   NedRN
    I read that very same post - I think it was in a local newspaper online, perhaps the San Jose Mercury. The person was disparaging the high wages of California nurses and their impudence at striking, even while taking advantage of the high union pay personally that such strategies enable. Bit of a BSer. If it was 16 hour shifts, well, the numbers may work out. But I can't imagine a manager allowing 10 16 hour shifts. So take that agenda drive post with a huge grain of salt!

    As a staff nurse in the area, you are in a perfect position to look for such jobs. They are rare, take a while to get, and probably preference would go to travelers who have proven their worth. It seemed like San Jose 8 years ago was a hot spot for a number of people doing that, but I know it has been done at quite a number of Bay Area hospitals. Think of how appealing such a position would be when you think about competing for such a job or just getting lucky - it will be hard to get. No longer are their staffing ratio deadlines to meet.