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  1. I am a RN registered in the USA. I am interested in overseas nursing. Does anyone know of any agencies that deal with overseas nursing? Also has anyone done this and what ddi you think? I am currently licensed in Michigan,California and Australia. Thank you.
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  3. by   renerian
    WAs it hard to get your aussie license?

  4. by   renerian
    Try Ogrady Peyton or Pearl Travel agency. Also you can go to and they have a page with all kinds of agency information.

    There are a few that handle international travel , also a few govt agencies as well , WHO (world Health Org) takes nurses as well and its not a bad deal at all. I have a few contacts for international travel but I kinda need to know where you want to go, so I can check that area to see if I have a contact company there. Yes I love international travel... Been to South Africa, Singapore.,Egypt and possibly Dubhai soon, and hold licenses for all.
  6. by   renerian
    Wow I am impressed with your travel experiences. My problem is I am married with 5 kids so travel is hard for me. Did you find the immigration tasks daunting?

  7. by   Squire71
    I'm a nurse from Australia and have had experience with US nurses travelling to Australia.
    Try contacting PHP - Premiere Healthcare Professionals
    1 - 866 - 296 - 3247 and speak to either Michelle Eales or Darryn Kaplan they should be able to head you in the right direction.

    Bob Maxwell
  8. by   babylog2012
    I'm a nurse from Germany and worked for Drake Medox in Australia- they even take over sponsorship for your visa. They should be able to help you.
  9. by   renerian
    Olive thanks for your reply. I wanted to work for Baringa in Coffs Harbour and they would not pick up my sponser fee. Rats. I was very disappointed.

  10. by   Oxana
    Quote from olive/b.f.
    I'm a nurse from Germany and worked for Drake Medox in Australia- they even take over sponsorship for your visa. They should be able to help you.
    Hi, I am a RN from Moldova. I am looking for possibilities to find a placement in Australia. Does anyone here have any experience with placements and qualification recognition for nurses with non English education?
  11. by   cvryder
    I'd love to do an assignment in the UK, Australia, or NZ, or even in Canada in summer. Don't wanna go O'Grady-Peyton or any other Evil Empire outfit. I'd also work almost anyplace else that is at least sort of English-speaking (India, maybe, Singapore), but I don't want to go to Saudi Arabia at all. Ideas?
  12. by   RNDude
    Quote from cvryder
    ...Don't wanna go O'Grady-Peyton or any other Evil Empire outfit...
    What makes them "Evil Empire?" I'm totally unfamiliar with them.
  13. by   sandey30324
    I am a US nurse now living in the Republic of Panama.....I am finding it very difficult to find work here as a nurse.....they actually have a surplus of nurses here in Panama.....what is particularly frustrating is that I live less than a mile form the regional offices of UNICEF and WHO (World Health Organization)....I have submitted resumes, but nothing so far....
    So I am going to try the travel nurse route and see if I can find some work.....I am also a Lactation Consultant with 20 years experience.

    If anybody has any info on nursing jobs in Central America, I would be most interested!
  14. by   pcutraveler
    Do any of these companies pay for your housing for international travel?