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  1. Will be relocating to the Live Oak, Fl area at the beginning of Aug 03. Have some interviews set up for various positions. I am a recent new grad RN, and have been working in a rural community hospital where we are the nurse for everything...OB, ER, Trauma,ICU, AMB surgery, Pre-op/post op, medical records, ward clerk etc etc, ....u get the idea. I find I am most happy doing ER, ICU, PACU things. However, I did do physical therpy for 12 years and have lots of experience with home health. That I did enjoy doing!. So with my new move I am interviewing in almost all areas. Wanted to get an idea of salary ranges for some of these positions, so I have a ballpark figure to deal with.
    PACU/Amb same day surg?
    Home health? $ per/visit
    If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
    I currently work 12 hour shifts and I am wanted to scale back to 32-36 hrs per week to start my own business.
    My current salary is $ 18.50/hr plus noc/weekend/holiday shift diff.
    Thanks to anyone that can help
    I am looking at facilities/companies in the following cities:
    Perry, Florida
    Jasper, Florida
    Lake City, Fl
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  3. by   lever5
    Will be going to Florida in late october, keep in touch
  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
    The average salary for florida is about 17.00 an hour but many places will match your current salary of 18.50 to get you to work there. Some here in florida will give you a bonus or relocation allowance to make the move. Depending on your certifications and where you work, with ER and ICU being higher pay (slightly) than floor nurses, you can expect to be in the ball park of where you are now. I am not far from Gainesville. The average home health agency will pay 25 to 30 a visit, and many have no milage reimbursement for PRN staff, or part timers as medicare no longer reimburses the agencies for milage compensation. If you are a full timer, you can expect about 30 cents a mile.
  5. by   poki
    I worked in Gainesville, and I know they don't pay too much because the cost of living is less. But, for a PRN on a regular floor ranges from 23-25 I believe. Check Shands website and North FL. For full time I believe it's almost 17. If you go to Miami, it's much more.