How to figure out if stipend is fair?

  1. My girlfriend and I travel together. We are both RNs. We just took our first assignment in VA. I take the housing and she takes the stipend. The stipend seems to be much less that the cost of housing in the area. Our rent is about 1600/month. Her stipend is $1200. I think that is too low. What do you guys think.

    We are thinking of taking our next assignment at Stanford University Hospital. I am using a different company this time. Their stipend is 1800 for Palo Alto, Ca. I think that is low for there too.

    Is just the way it is or should I press them harder for more money?

    Thanks Anthony
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  3. by   rnccm
    This link is where you find what the stipend allowed is for your area. Hope this helps.
  4. by   caliotter3
    That is a low amount for the Stanford area. However, I am thinking (I don't do traveling), that being that most companies will try to save money as much as possible, that when you receive a stipend, there would be a limit to it that will be as low as they can get away with. They don't expect to pay you enough to rent the best type of accommodation. If it were me, I would take the housing and/or look for the cheapest accommodations possible. If you can stand it, take the stipend, and instead of an apartment, rent a room. It takes a little work, but you can find rooms for rent in very nice homes, particularly in the Palo Alto area. That way, you might be able to use a little of the stipend money for something else. Just an idea.
  5. by   shortstuph0
    Im working in San Diego where the cost of living is outragious and the stiped here is 1700, Hope that helps