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I have agreed to start a position in Nevada in less than 2 weeks. All my paperwork was supposed to be in this past Tuesday. I have not seen my contract at all. I have spoken with my recruiter. ... Read More

  1. by   LadyNASDAQ
    Next time you may want to work without a contract and do your own thing with per diem work. Lots of hospitals are busy and when they know you are there for "x" amount of weeks, you can pick and choose how long you want to be there with little to no cancellations.

    I love local agency work. I would prefer to be doing this and just tell them when I am available to start and when I will be leaving. I would get that on paper and it will serve as a pseudo contract good enough to use for write offs of business expenses as long as you work 2 days minimum per week according to my tax preparer. You may for ex. want to work in NY. That's a busy as heck place to be. Work a local agency like Gotham or White Glove, find suitable housing and get them to type a letter stating they know you will be from this date to that date in the City and keep your lodging, transportation receipts for ex. logged among other things you can write against your taxes. Lots of things well worth looking into and not being trapped in a contract the usual way.
  2. by   Divern808
    I just got off the phone with the Big EE company, and they tried the same things with me, threats, "I have to reimburse them for housing",which BTW I havent even been in because I refused the assignment(and quit the company)The reason I quit?, because they tried to smoke me with an email contract, which didn't have agreed language re: car rental reimbursement.they never got me the written contract in time,I got tired of waiting, and refused and quit. I have been screwed by this company before, insurance,bonus money and minor details like deducting my child support payments. And I have been traveling for a while and been a nurse for 28 years