1. just wondering if anyone has ever interviewed with the hospital, been pretty much told they have the job and when its almost time to go be told that they don't need you. that happened with me when i decided to start traveling. had finished out my notice with my employer at the time and now i'm left in unemployment limbo. if this is a common occurence i think i'm gonna look for a permanent job.
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    To put this in perspective, having a contract cancelled after signing a contract, but before starting has happened to me only twice in 10 years of travelling. In both cases my recruiters then really got on it and worked to rapidly find me another contract in the area I wanted to go. What is your company doing to help you here? If not much, you may want to contact some other cmpanies to look for assignments.
  4. by   aginggracefully
    Hi> Listen, I will start travel nursing this spring (2007) so I will be listening in on how you are faring. Keep in touch on this website! I have two friends who travel and neither say that being cancelled at the last minute has happened to them. It is probably a crappy hospital and a good thing you ended up not going there!
  5. by   UtErRnEmt
    the original company i was working with (fastaff who i don't recommend working with) tried to send me to southern california but i went with another company, rtg medical, and am traveling to west virginia. my recruiter, brian goeser, has been extremely helpful and returns my calls quickly whereas fastaff i never heard from unless i called multiple times. hopefully rtg will be able to keep me busy
  6. by   rnurse49
    That happened to me with All About Staffing, who pretty much has a chokehold on travel nursing with HCA hospitals. They were rude too, and then tried to recruit me themselves for my next assignment--AS IF!!!!! My recruiter broke her tail to find me something, but I was left in limbo for 2 weeks!!