Has anyone heard about Traveler Files?

  1. Got an email last week from this new website called travelerfiles and it said that it was a free website developed for travelers by travelers. So I checked it out and was very impressed! I got an assignment very quick and easy by registering for their make an offer program. It's where you tell travel companies where you want to go and how much you wish to make and the companies send you offers. It's really cool. Travelers check it out and tell me what you think!


    Traveling with Hospital Support
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  3. by   nursetee627
  4. by   TravelerAdvisor
    If you are ready for an assignment try their make an offer program. You'll find an assignment quickly and easily!
  5. by   Brownms46
    I would go over to Delphiforums.com, and do a search on Traveler files..before you place your info with them! JMHO
  6. by   nursetee627
  7. by   lncmitch
    I like the sound of this...have been thinking about setting up a traveling company owned by nurses for nurses.. I am sick of hearing about these non-nurse owners getting rich off of the backs of nurses. I traveled many years ago. Why haven;t nurses taken over this business endeavor?
  8. by   dmagee
    It is a great concept in theory, but no agency is going to pay $30+ to get your application from them when they can demand it from you directly.
  9. by   BettyT
    Yes tarveleradvisor! You are right! That is a wonderful website. I used it recently to find an assignment. I found one right away and it the company is paying me exactly what I asked for. It kinda remind me of PriceLine.com. Who ever came up with that idea for travelers is terrific. I have told several travelers about it already. I don't care if companies are not paying for the profiles. If they make me an offer of what I want, I will gladly complete their application. If all travelers start using TravelerFiles, it will help cut out a lot of unecessary paper work of having to complete application after application just to go here and there. I want the companies to start paying for the profiles. Why should we care how much they are paying. They are making a lot of money from us anyway, so they should make it easier for all of us and just pay.
  10. by   dmagee
    those agencies that are making a ton of money off from you will just pass the cost of the application onto you and other nurses and those agencies that strive to pay as much as they can to nurses will not utilize the service. Market forces always rule the day.
  11. by   Brownms46
    Couldn't agree more. Most long time travelers have their own packets made up and just submit to each agency they wish to work with, and most agencies (in my experience) have no problems accepting them. Especially since most apps packet have very little different in them! I have the packets on my pc, and can easily send them to several agencies ...with no sweat!

    I see no reason to give someone else a share of my take...unless they are a nurse who has assisted me in making a good decision chosing an agency based on personal experience....then yes I want them to get the bonus...the agency is offering.
  12. by   live4today
    Travelersfiles looks like an excellent site for nurses considering taking a traveling nurse assignment. Thanks for sharing it with allnurses. I gave my middle daughter the website to check out since she is a nurse, too, and wants to travel as a nurse. She emailed me this morning, and said she loved the site.
  13. by   BettyT
    I'm confused! Let's think about this for a minute! Supply and Demand. Who is really in demand? How will the agencies charge the fees back to the travelers? The reason hospitals use travelers is because they are short of staff. They are the ones in need. It would only make sense to include the expenses in the fees charged to the hospitals. Well because I like the TravelerFiles idea, I will look into it further. I'll call them to find out who is buying and who is not. I'll let you'all know!
  14. by   dmagee
    in theory you're right the fee should be passed onto the hospital. The fact is the hospital and the agency have a set contracted rate and if there is an extra expense on the part of the agency they will just lower the hourly rate of the nurse. They lower your hourly rate for housing, travel, rental, bonus etc. As an added bonus the agency deducts all these expenses from their taxes. Wouldn't you rather get all the marbles and have all the tax deductions? Just a thought.