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Got an email last week from this new website called travelerfiles and it said that it was a free website developed for travelers by travelers. So I checked it out and was very impressed! I got an... Read More

  1. by   BettyT
    Thursday, I spoke with some one from traveler files and they said the profiles are free to subcribers and that there are twelve companies subscribing to there services right now. As a treveler I know from experience it's a headache to complete applications after applications and if there is a service to benefit travelers out there like traveler files, it only make sense to support the cause. Eventually, if most travelers support the cause, the majority will get certain issues to sway their way. Issues such as rate charged to companies. Based on what I understand $30 is for non subscribers and not every company like you posted. I like traveler files because I'ts the only site I can log on to put where I wish to go and how much I wish to make and get an offer right away. I've not seen another site like it. If you know of one please let me know. I'm a supporter of anything that's a good cause for my benefit. Therefore, I support travelerfiles.
  2. by   Brownms46
    Just FYI to all those to whom it matters...Traveler files original owner no longer owns it. There is a new owner with deep pockets. JMHO here...but there is a questionable connection between Traveler files and Hospital Support.

    Why do I feel it's questionable??? Just because of a statement made above, and a traveler who contacted Hospital support, wanting info on travel assignments.

    First Hospital Support has online, and printable apps on their website...including skill checklists. NOW ...help me understand this. Why would an agency competing against other agencies..tell a traveler interested in traveling with them, to GO to a site, where "there are twelve companies subscribing to there services right now."???

    Now why would they allow that traveler to possibly slip through their fingers and be offered an assignment by a rival agency??? Now they paid x amount of dollars to advertise on this site...but they throw those who answer their adverisements back to the competion???

    Somebody help me figure this one out. ???
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  3. by   kathyann65
    Brownie is absolutly correct-as someone said, go to delphiforums/travelnurses and do a search on Traveler Flies to get the scoop-there is a scoop!
  4. by   Brownms46
    Thank you kathyann65,

    And this is something I heard in passing from an agency that paid to advertise with Traveler files...NO it's not the one I work for! They signed up and paid to be placed on Travelers list....but "THEY" haven't received a SINGLE applicant's file!!!??? In fact they have heard NOTHING from Traveler files???

    Now something stinks...and sniff..sniff...nope..not me...:chuckle

    And I have a question?? Why does TravelerAdvisor has their homepage as Traveler files????:confused???
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  5. by   TravelerAdvisor
    TravelerFiles is great for travelers "Brown". All you have to do is log on and you can get an assignment where ever you want for just about what you want to make! It's so good to travelers I've made it my web tag because it's the only site I know that's worth something to me! I would recommend it to any traveler! Check them out!
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