Florida RN looking to Move to Texas -help?

  1. I currently live in Florida. I was a ICU nurse for two years until about three months ago when I moved to Hospice- which I LOVE.

    Unfortunately, I need to relocate myself and my daughter to the Dallas Texas area sometime in July or August. My mom lives there and will be able to help when I become a single mother after this move :-(

    My mom suggested looking into getting a travel contract to get started in Texas, to help with travel and help me not accept a 'full time' job somewhere I might hate - she said having a 13-week trial will give me time to find a permanent home, job, etc.

    I am completely overwhelmed looking at agencies and wanted to get advice from 'real people' lol- what should I look for? What should I expect? Should I not go this route?? lol

    Is it common to take a 9-year-old along? I will have my mom there to watch her while I work ofcourse, but for purposes of travel and lodging - how will that work? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    A travel job seems like a difficult way to do things. If you're moving there permanently (or at least long term), why would you want a job that will "expire"? You could end up hating a travel job as much as a regular job, too.
  4. by   NursingInChaos
    I agree it seems like a lot of trouble for a job that will end soon anyway lol- just trying to cover my bases and explore the options
  5. by   NedRN
    Without the tax benefits of travel which you are not eligible for, you will probably make less money than staff, and have terrible benefits compared to staff. You may also miss out on relocation expenses and sign on bonuses that a staff job will bring. A staff job will give you a far better orientation, and likely will treat staff better than travelers.

    But, if you want to give mom her due, you could shop hospitals much more quickly with local agency per diem, no contract. Or, go to the Allnurses Texas forum for advice on best hospitals to work for in Dallas and shop them before you leave Florida for best relocation help.

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