First time Traveler .. CONFUSED.. please help..

  1. I just recently relocated with my husband to Wichita Falls, TX from my lovely Cincinnati, Ohio. He will be stationed here for approx a year and a half for pilot training. I graduated with my BSN in May '09 and have been working in Critical Care since. I didn't think I would have much difficulty finding a position down here because of my experience despite it being rural. Boy was I WRONG. 1) Do I have to notify Ohio that I am not currently living in the state? 2) I wanted to keep my permanent address in Ohio (my mom lives there and prior to the move that is where I lived) (only use my TX address as a temporary mailing address )because our stay here is so short but do I need to change it? 3) Am I going to have issues filing taxes? 4) We will be moving frequently so each time do I have to change all of my information?
    A little guidance or a To Do list is all I need. I feel so overwhelmed. =(
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  3. by   ERRNinMI
    Are you working as a travel nurse?

    Check out for some good info on taxes.

    Do you have a permanent residence in Ohio? Unless you own the property it may not benefit you to keep your perm residence there.

    If you are going to keep your Ohio RN license, I would notify the board each time of your updated mailing address, or if you are having mail delivered to another Ohio address.

    Check out that website, it helped me a lot.
  4. by   naynayashley
    If you plan to return to Ohio, maybe you should consider travel nursing. I don't know alot about how it works, but it seems that if you do the travel nursing, you would use the Ohio address, and possibly make more money. On taxes, if you use tax software like turbotax, everything is there for you. I worked as a tax preparer for quite a few years, it will ask if you worked in other states and you will have to file state returns if the states you work in require. Good luck.
  5. by   bagladyrn
    If, as it sounds from your post, your husband is in the military there are different regulations that apply as far as tax residence and permanent home. His base should have a person who can clarify this for you.