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  1. I am a first time traveler, and am looking at traveling in CVICU in San Antonio. I was offered a job in NM for 15/hour and and $116 per day in Per Diem. I of course refused, because i don't want to go to NM. I just want to know what is a decent wage is for SA? Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   bobwolf
    travel nursing is great!. I have been a travel nurse for 8 years with cross country trav corp and i highly recommend it.
  4. by   writernurse
    Hi Bob,
    I have a little over a year worth of exp- M/S, and I'm looking to do travel nursing soon (first time). Is there a experience requirement for trav corp, and how are they with getting regular assignments to you? Thanks in adv for your response
  5. by   Saywhat!?
    15/hr thats ugly. cross country is one of the larger companies and I suggest you go with one of the bigger companies on your first go around but you should know that because they are bigger it means more over head to pay and less pay then the smaller company. i'll PM you some good smaller company names. And I suggest all new travel nurses join delphiforums. great place to get info on travel jobs, taxes, good and bad hospital and etc.