Finishing my first year

  1. I am currently in my first year of nursing. I am in medical surgery and I want to travel nurse after my first year. I am also under contract with HCA for staRN. Since Parallon and HCA are connected, can I travel with Parallon and not affect the contract? Also, do they allow one year nurses to travel?
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  3. by   NedRN
    Seems unlikely, but exactly what does your contract say?
  4. by   syjet1229
    Tbh I haven't seen it over a year and repeatedly have asked my hospital's HR to send me a copy of which they haven't.
  5. by   ICUman
    One year nurses can travel. I have seen some posters on this website state that the travel nurse agency will pay off their hospital contract in exchange for taking an assignment with them.

    Also, some hospitals bluff on new grad contracts. I was hired into ICU as a new grad and was told by several people in upper management that my contract was for 2 years and I could not violate it without incurring penalty. I took a closer look at the contract and inquired with HR. Turns was 1 year, as I originally signed for. And that's what they do to scare new graduates into staying longer. Read your fine print, go down to the HR office and inquire.
  6. by   syjet1229
    Thank you. I am with HCA and I have not enjoyed it one bit. I will ask more of them. They seem to not give out full information when I ask for the first time. I have asked 3 times and they haven't sent me my contract and they tell me that they will email me later.
  7. by   jsoto958
    hello I too did the staRN program about a year ago. I went to HR at my hospital because I want get out of the 2 year contract they said once I make a year all I would have to pay is 2000 dollars. I also ask if I could work for HCA again or would that be a problem. they said no as long as I met the requirements of the contract. if you get out in the first year thats 4000 in the second thats 2000. also keep in mind that the year ends after you been on your own not when you start the program.
    also all HCA are different I work for the west coast of FL I know that the HCA on the east coast go by a set of different rules so you might want to check that too
  8. by   syjet1229
    Of course it's never the day you sign the contract. Smh