Favorite assignments in New England

  1. Hi,

    What hospitals in the New England area, were your favorite?

    Include but not limited to the follow:
    staff friendliness:
    Patient ratio:
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  3. by   NedRN
    I've worked at a number of hospitals in New England but in my mind what stood out was their proximity to stuff I liked outside of work. That said, Concord Hospital was pretty nice objectively - the feel of a rich hospital. For me subjectively, it was a country club. Average about four hours of work a day (CVOR, no floating), lots of call, but no call back. I stayed 8 months. The area did nothing for me, but I stayed in a house (wood heat only) west of Concord an hour away from Western Mass where I went to have fun and romance. I worked a bunch of assignments in Western Mass. Also worked Bangor ME which was really fun, primarily because of a traveler new friend (with benefits) staying upstairs in "our" house, going to Mt Desert and Bar Harbor and other coastal scenic towns. Everywhere I went, I found a lot of bicycling to do. If you are going to go, New England in the fall is spectacular, perhaps peaking in Connecticut/Massachusetts/Vermont area.
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    I am considering Yale & Boston Medical Center. Yale has 4-6 week contracts. Enough to just get a feel for the area and leave.
    Yale pay package just right at $2400 weekly, 35 hourly taxed.