core staff versus travelers

  1. why does it seem that some core staff try to make it even harder than need be on the travelers?
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  3. by   nightingale
    I do not really see it that often. When I do see harshness, it is usually towards everyone and that is a personal issue that person has against other people and Nurses across the board.

    I have seen, from many Nursing Schools on, the critiquing and striving for perfection carrying over. I do believe perfection should be the goal but it is all in the delivery with how it is accepted. Nurses work in a critical and fast environment and that only compounds and sometimes justifies (IMHO) their harshness (to themselves or to "management").

    There are times, even on this Bulletin Board, I see Nurses being unkind to one another. It is unacceptable to be cruel to one another and that is the philosophy of this Bulletin Board. Only when management of the various work environments have the same philosophy, will the behavior be discouraged. I have seen this to be the case in both directions. Managers do not allow harsh and unreasonable undertones of Staff and Staff is kind to one another; Managers themselves are cruel and the Staff have the reputation of being cruel to one another. I have witnessed both of these trickling down behaviors.

    Now, do we all have moments? Well sure, we are human. Hopefully, we are wise and humble enough to also get beyond that and communicate when the stressors and air has cleared.

    As an Agency Nurse, I am so fortunate to be able to pick and choose where I work. If a Facility Staff is harsh, I simply do not go back. When you allow this behavior to continue then you are part of the problem (IMHO).
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  4. by   caroladybelle
    It depends on the local and the hospital.

    In some places (Florida, Virgin Islands), there is the concept that travelers get paid so much better than they do (even though travelers get paid poorly there), and often bump other staffers. Travelers can be a burden to regular staff. They get oriented but will only "pay back" for a few short monthes. They don't see them as vested in the Community and making the facility better.

    Others welcome us, because they are so short staffed. And they have policies in place that keep us from bumping them, or we are always first float.

    Generally, an environment that treats all nurses poorly are the ones that treat travelers the worst. A facility that treats nurses well, and has good morale, tends to welcome travelers.
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