Cancelling a travel assignment in progress

  1. I'm currently on a travel assignment with worst experience and recruiter his supervisor and I'm having trouble with a charge nurse and another nurse at this hospital.. I POLITELY asked a Relief RN I appreciate her help but would appreciate if she didn't do my work and her response was I didn't do it for you I did it for the patient ... shift started at 730 it was now 1100 I asked if I could go on a break and would take care of what needed to be completed upon my return well nurse did it herself because she said she did it for patient but then later in at 5 pm I informed charge RN I HAD NOT had lunch and was yelled at because I did not tell them I had not eaten ... it seems if I aske I get told not to but when I don't ask I get yelled.. this is just a typical day... I've asked my recruiter to remove me from this infriendly bully assignment his response is I asked account manager and States I'll call you tomorrow and still doesn't then I email and text with still no response this has been on going since I started this facility on Aug 15 2017... I'm at the point where I just will walk out of contract but I know they have majority of facilities and I'm afraid but I am stressed to the fullest with this company and I can't work with them I'm being treated like crap and I don't feel I deserve this ... please help what are your recommendations
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  3. by   Argo
    First, your company should respond quicker.
    Second, you sound like a bit of a dramatic person.

    Get over it, its been 2 days. It sounds like they tried to help you, maybe in their own way. Every place and person has its own personality, you need to adjust to it as a traveller. If you cant deal with it in a positive way then maybe you shouldnt be travelling.

    If you want to quit, quit. You will be black balled most likely, by both your company and the hospital, and on the hook for a ton of expenses.
  4. by   NedRN
    Honestly, from your own words, it sounds like this issue is self made. That should be your biggest concern going forward in your career.

    That aside, I'm really not sure if it is better to walk or wait until you are terminated. Your best course of action is to do an attitude makeover and stick it out. Just two more months.

    Don't worry about your agency. There are lots of jobs they don't control. No single agency, not even American Mobile or Cross Country is that powerful. So don't stress out about that.
  5. by   RW2016
    Argo, I never said when this occurred for one and yes I agree maybe they did try to help but when your a primary nurse, the nurse should be informed if they will proceed with any interventions prior to completing task. When someone complains about doing all travelers work, why are they continuously doing their job if they are going to complain is beyond me. Honestly, this is not a issue just with me all travelers are treated in the same manner. Staff have verbalized they don't like travelers. This is not my first rodeo, I've been traveling for over two years and this is the first time I have ever experienced this, I had seen travelers treated bad in my past experience as a staff RN, I made sure I showed teamwork, so I knew what traveling was about but I had not experienced that type of behavior until this assignment. Thank you for your response
  6. by   RW2016
    I don't agree in your response, this is not self made. I could honestly write a book of how myself or other travelers are treated. You are not aware until it happens, previous to this assignment I failed to investigate the location until after accepting contract, I found all negative reviews and thought I would still give it a try. I could honestly say reviews are accurate to the T. Next assignment I will definitely pay close attention. I only pray that my recruiter can decrease a 26 week contract to 13 which I don't believe will happen.
  7. by   NedRN
    26 weeks? Last time you do that I bet. Good luck.
  8. by   RW2016
    Thank you
  9. by   dchicurn
    The times and places I've been in CA, the break nurse or 'relief' always does your tasks while your on break, as they should. That is what they get paid to do and yes, it is also taking care of the patient. I'm not sure why you wouldn't want the relief to do their job or do what the patient needs done. I'm always grateful that they get blood sugars, give meds and turn my patients while I'm off the unit. That is what is appropriate. Secondly, I cannot imagine anyone 'yelling' at you for asking if your could go to lunch. Quite frankly, I cannot understand why you would have waited all day to ask to take your lunch or mention it. If I were the charge nurse, I might be frustrated by that as well because they want you to take your breaks. Sometimes they do not have time to swing by and ask each RN when they want to have their meal break. You need to speak up and stand some ground, it sounds like. Maybe try to speak to the nurses who you think are giving you a hard time. Difficult but you'll be glad you did...don't walk out of an assignment, that would not be in your best interest. Best of luck!!