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I'm wondering if anyone has any info on Liquid Agents...they have been contacting me with potential contracts...anything good and bad appreciated.Thanks... Read More

  1. by   muffie
    how ethical is your bon selling your names ???????
  2. by   hatebedside
    Most BONs or BNEs sell the names and addresses to people, some can be gotten for free - you just have to go to the website and download. Business is business, it's just marketing, you need to opt out if you don't want your name shared.
  3. by   naskippy
    I have just accepted my first assignment with Liquid Agents and will be going to a hospital in Texas at the end of May. I have had a good experience with my recruiter so far, but one never knows when things may go sour. I will keep you posted.
  4. by   pinkaardvark
    I used to work for Liquid Agents. This was the strangest company I ever worked for. I started out as one of their "recruiters". They plunked me down at a computer with a database- it has every single RN in the country on it, and they tell you to start calling. That's all you do for 8 straight hours is call. If someone actually says yes, then you fill out a form and give it to a recruiter.
    After two days, I got "promoted" to a new position. They told me to start making travel arrangements for nurses, but didn't give me a list of contacts, hotels, apartments, nothing. Just a desk, some iffy travel dates, and a computer. I managed to figure it out, and ended up getting better. I got lists put together and found some good contacts. One of the recruiters was somewhat helpful, but the others never talked to me. I guess it's gotten better since I left. I always felt sorry for the nurses on assignment- wondered how they fared.
    Yeah snacks in the fridge doesn't = good working environment.
  5. by   eddy
    Quote from rn1974
    I've been working with them for the past year. They are growing really fast. They made a lot of payroll mistakes when I first started with them. I guess they were fairly new. My recruiter was great though so I stuck with her. Followed her from her previous company. I'm now on my 6 assignment with them and I am amazed at how well they treat me. Also it seems like they pay really well (not just in California). I like to travel to Oh and Maine a lot and they carry a lot of needs there. I also think that there is at least one nurse with a bad experience from every agency and you shouldn't write them off because of one nurse's complaint. I have now referred about 10 people to my recruiter. I think the recruiters are what make or break a company and I love mine. I have worked with 5 other companies before and always ended up leaving because the recruiter lied to me or didn't make me a priority. I don't put up with agencies that have the "take it or leave it" attitude. I will leave it everytime. Good luck

    Very first post, and it's an endorsement (or at least a strong defending) of the company. I smell a shill. Anyone else?
  6. by   montana05
    I just completed an assignment with Liquid Agents---in my opinion a great company and I had a great recruiter. They found me an assignment in N.C. when my "regular" travel company was taking too long. I needed to get to work! The recruiter also sent study material-big packet (fed-ex). It was a situation at that particular hospital where travel nurses were tested in orientation and had to pass with 80% or you were sent home the 1st day of orientation. If it weren't for my recruiter going to the trouble to first tell me about this testing and then sending a study guide, I may not have passed, but I did, with flying colors. Also, I got paid every week on time, I was always able to get in touch with my recruiter and he checked on me several times during the 13 week contract. I also had a problem when I first started with that hospital with a CNA, I called my recruiter,he listened, documented it and we decided to see if the problem resolved itself( it did) but he was ready to back me if I needed his help. The pay rate was also better than I've ever had. I also want to say that there are so many travel companies out there and you may have never heard of them all. I have talked with recruiters at some of the well known companies and decided not to go with them, they acted kind of arrogant in my opinion. This is how we find out, through other nurses, but I want to be treated with respect, I want to be able to get in touch with my recruiter and I want them to listen to what I have to say. Liquid Agents is also listed as one of the top 15 travel companies in the country----look them up on the internet.
  7. by   mountaintex
    I, too, am going to NC for an assignment with Liquid Agents. I leave this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. I was glad to hear a positive experience.
  8. by   Zoejj
    I have been working for them for over 1year--I have constantly had problems with housing--they send you to filthy run down places--with my last assignment==i got put on call at least every other week, due to low census in the ICU---I gave a 4-week notice, but now they say they are going to withold from my paycheck the last month;s rent. The contract was not honored bu either the hospital or Liquidagents. My recruiter never gets back to me with questions--I never get any evaluations , so I never get any feedback. I'll never work for them again. Much too many bad expereinces.
  9. by   adamsapple123
    I have worked two assignment for this company. This last assignment is the last. I am working in Ohio but live in KY. They are taking out Ohio state tax instead of Ky. They said because they don't do business in KY they don't take out their state tax. When I worked in Tn they held KY tax and Tn doesn't even have an income tax. They lost immunization records and I had to spend all day looking them up, We just did a big clean and everything was not were it was before, got into a fight with the wife, over the search and slept on the couch 2 nights. When I did send them in they never verify the fax (but I save the confirmation letter EVERY time). I am sure they are a good company, but I can work for any # of good companies. I expect alot, pay on time-always. Don't call and wake me at 1 pm when I work nights to tell me my TB expires in 6 weeks. I do get email and it is great for that stuff.

    I will go elsewhere on the next.

    done venting----

    see ya
  10. by   southtexassue
    I just had a very bad experience with a Liquid Agent Recruiter, I was planning on taking a position and decided against it , never sent in my contract and left them pleanty of time to replace me, I was really talked to very badly by this recruiter and when I tried to complain to his manager, she would not call me back. i would never do business with this company again.
  11. by   snapple95
    Quote from adamsapple123
    i have worked two assignment for this company. this last assignment is the last. i am working in ohio but live in ky. they are taking out ohio state tax instead of ky. they said because they don't do business in ky they don't take out their state tax. when i worked in tn they held ky tax and tn doesn't even have an income tax.
    they are supposed to withhold taxes of the state you are working in.

    Quote from adamsapple123
    they lost immunization records and i had to spend all day looking them up
    you should really invest in 1) scanning all your work documents onto your computer 2) emailing them to yourself so you always have a copy, even if your computer crashes. that would have been a 15 minute fix??
  12. by   smokeyRN
    I have just completed a contract with Liquid Agents and its the last time I will work with them.-- lots of promises but no support and if you didn't get it in the contract forget it. They refused to give me help finding housing - told me half truths about the assignment and when I got close to the end were not willing to give me any other options except extend my contract where I was. They put another travel nurse into my spot before they asked me if I wanted to do another contract.
    They talk nice but be careful!!!!!!!!
  13. by   caliotter3
    I guess the "liquid" in their name refers to the longevity and truthfulness of their promises.