Anyone heard of Medical Express?

  1. Does anyone know anything about this company? They are based in Colorado. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   dabestrn
    I work for American Mobile, its head company. It sux. Run, run very fast. I HAVE to do shared housing, benefits don't start on first day like other companies. I have had troubles with them since the beginning. They are only out to make as much money as they can and will short you and screw you over in order to accomplish this. Try RN Network, ask for Mary, very nice. Most other companies offer private housing, first day benefits. Another thing to look for is 401K with comp matching and vesting. Good luck, finding a good company can be difficult. Generally, your recruiter can make the big difference!
  4. by   Tinkertots
    I worked with Medex for a year. I was a new traveler and didnt know any better. There are so many companies that offer more money and better bennies. You can check out most any company by going to They list new jobs daily. Its an awesome site. There is also a newer site.. where you post what area you want to work, how much you want to make and the companies bid on YOU! Kinda like Lendingtree!..lololol.
  5. by   MTM
    Tinkertots, what's the url for the site you referred to in your post...I want to check it out..

  6. by   TravORNurse
    I agree with dabestrn...RUN, RUN AWAY FROM THEM. You should also be sure to ask any company that you are thinking about traveling with who they are affiliated with before you commit to them. Just so you aren't suprised after you are locked into a contract. That is what happened to me.
  7. by   TravORNurse
    Anyone who's interested in seeing pics of the housing they provided me with is welcome to private message me with their e-mail address. BTW the pics dont do the smell of the place justice.:trout:
  8. by   Michellex1013
    I am on my second assignment with them. I have found that the pay and benifits are lower than other companies. I'm new to traveling and they had no problem low-balling their offer. I haven't really enjoyed this assignment (due to nurse to patient ratio) and the last one (my first) was a complete nightmare (Las Vegas). I'm going to try California next but if they don't come back with a VERY generous offer I'm changing companies. My recruiter is nice but on scale of 1-10 I give this company a mediocore 4-5. When I spoke to American Traveler their rates were even lower than Medexpress.