Any one ever work in Raleigh, NC?

  1. Hi again,
    My recruiter mailed me and told me she had 2 positions in the ICU in Raleigh, NC. She did not put the names if the hosp. only the pay. One pays 9 dollars more than the other, but both are in Raleigh!!! That seems weird to me. Anyway, I will talk to her tomorrow about what hospitals these are, but any early input????? Anyone ever work for nurse choice short term contract???
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  3. by   OkieICU_RN
    I have a friend who finished up a contract for Duke. That might be in Durham though, not sure. She said that she was bored out of her skull most nights. Said they had too many travelers and she often took only 1 patient per shift and many times even that patient wasn't really critical.

    I'm trying to get something going with Nurse Choice right now. I am running into problems though because I have 1 year and 7 months experience and facilities are requiring 2+ years of experience.

    Keep us informed on what you find out!
  4. by   charityRN1991
    Did you find out which hospitals yet? I worked at Rex in the subacute unit which is not inside the hospital and we made good shift diffs, the hospital nurses made more...I know they made $10 hr more for weekends 4 years ago and I think it is still the same. In rehab I made $3 eve. diff and $5 night diff, $8 weekend diff....and the hospital made more for eve and nights.
    I am going to work at Duke Raleigh Monday after being off for over 3 years with family issues and they pay more than I would get at Rex per hour but the shift diffs suck and it doesn't really even out because of that. Rex is in a hiring freeze at the moment and said they would hire me when the freeze is lifted but I need a job now! Wake paid about the same as Rex for regular ortho or rehab floors and has decent diffs too.
  5. by   CarolinaGirl1112
    Any updates? When I graduate I plan on staying in the Raleigh area and I'd like to know if anything has changed since these posts.