any help on this one belleville illinios st elizabeths hospital????

  1. hi there

    has anyone have ever worked in this hospital, ive posted it on a few threads and got two or three replys!!! if you know anything id be very grateful
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  3. by   ElvisLives
    I have heard that Memorial Hospital is the preferred hospital to work at.
  4. by   auntsas82
    Did you end up working there? I am looking at a travel contract in Belleville IL at Memorial. How is the area? Do you know anything about Memorial? Thanks!
  5. by   ElvisLives
    I work at Belleville Memorial Hospital. We are an ANCC Magnet Accredited Nursing Department. Our hospital has a very low turnover and vacancy rate. We have targeted vacancies (ICU,ED Float Pool). This is a great hospital to work at if you are a nurse. Nursing rules at Memorial!. I work in the OR.
  6. by   auntsas82
    THanks for the info. I am looking at ICU. Any generalized recommendations on things to do in Belleville? I like photography in particular, I cant seem to find much stuff online. Thanks again, maybe we will run into each other here in a couple months!
  7. by   ElvisLives
    We are in the suburban St. Louis area (10 minutes from Downtown ) so there is all that the city has to offer . Missori hill country is nearby with their clear streams and Ozark Mountains. Wine country tours and such as well. Metro East area here is full of shopping and entertainment options , as is St. Louis. The ICU here is a great place to work with a lot of great things happening. I know they are working on getting some agency staff in to fill some acute needs. You will like it here, the hospital is a great place to work.